AOC Refused to Endorse Bernie Because He Promoted “Anti-Trans” Joe Rogan’s Endorsement

AOC refused to publicly back Bernie and rejected multiple invitations to speak at Sanders rallies after he promoted endorsement of ‘anti-trans’ podcaster Joe Rogan

  • Congresswoman declined numerous invites from Sanders campaign to speak
  • Since February, AOC appeared at just two campaign rallies for Sanders
  • Source said getting her to speak in New Hampshire was 'like pulling teeth’
  • Sanders campaign was upset by AOC’s remarks during January event in Iowa
  • At Iowa event, AOC urged public to notify others when ICE was present in area
  • Sanders campaign chief denied report he admonished AOC over ICE comments
  • AOC reportedly upset by Sanders’ campaign touting endorsement by Joe Rogan
  • Rogan, a known podcaster, made controversial comments about trans people
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Hey AOC looks hot as a blonde. Shorten it up a bit and she’s another Claire Underwood.

Watch, she’s going to come out and endorse Biden because she knows her seat is up for grabs.

AOC posts without the milkers should be against the rules.

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Like her endorsement is critical to Bernies campaign.

Bernie is failing because of his socialist platform. AOC’s endorsement would likely make it worse. Nobody wants her crap either.