AOC gets a Beat-Down by A Black Trump Supporter for Acting Black!


Will she ever see it though?

Ahhh… who cares so long as real people see it.

Maybe AOC will grab some soul snacks instead of wine and peppered popcorn next time she makes a video.

I hope that she doesn’t. The more she goes out in front of black crowds and tries to act black the more she’s going to piss off a lot of black people. More and more blacks are waking up to the fact that the Democrats never had their best interests in mind. They just use them as an audience to pander to and would occasionally elevate a random poor black person to show “progress” when in reality it was all just a game.

A game that the Hispanics are winning. If Africa shared a border with the US, black people would still be the darlings of the liberals. But it’s too far to swim. So the new pandered-to voters (illegality be damned) are coming up through Mexico.

On one hand, the black people deserve this for empowering the libs. On the other hand, Black people did indeed share in making America as good as it is. So they could make good allies in a MAGA firestorm that votes out every lib in Congress.

What does he keep referring to in the video? That blacks live in shitty houses? We all knew that. Does he want AOC to fix it for him? If that’s the case he’s missing the point and he should take that hat off.

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again. Trump is a racist bigot. If you support him, you support his bigotry and racism. Looks like he paid another black man to sell out his people.

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What race isn’t racist and bigoted ?? yours ? Lol

Don’t know how many times this needs to be said but… black people cant be racist. Prejudiced, but not racist make sure you know the meanings of words before using them.

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Oh give me a break. Blacks are some of the most racist people on the planet. They literally hate anyone who isn’t black and have no problem being loud and racist in public about people they hate.

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Give you a break? Smdh.

Black people can’t be racist towards people who have murdered us for hundreds of years, raped our men and women of all ages, stole our resources from our motherland, and destroyed the knowledge from our history because they didn’t want us to know the truth.

No. Black people can’t be racist.

He had a valid point. Pass some laws that help and mean something rather than green deals and giving money to illegals.

Not only can your people be racist…you are also collectively terrible at marksmanship (oh and driving too - always in cracked up cars).


Okay. But it sounded to me like he was asking for handouts.

Easy enough to say behind the safety of your keyboard.

I’d love to hear you say that face to face to the man in the video.

Personally, I doubt you are black. You come across more like a 12 year old who sneaks computer time when mommy and daddy go out for date night.

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According to the definition they are lol

That’s called disenfranchisement and depersonalization. Typical WASPy behavior. I am black and I am a person.

Everyone can be racist. Black people are not exempt nor do they get a special pass.

Good grief. It’s someone’s nappy time.

Either that or time to take your meds.

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That’s probably just the low-IQ you are noticing. Very typical among the black population.

I didn’t get that at all, honestly. What I got was frustration.

He was disgusted at how black people are talked down to by people like Hillary (carries hot sauce) and now AOC (fake black accent). He specifically said make some laws that matter (while showing living conditions) rather than giving money to illegals and the green deal (paraphrasing). All while wearing a MAGA hat.

And good for him. The more people like him speak out and break out of the democrat plantation the better we are as Americans.