AOC dancing astroturf

We’ve all seen the AOC dancing video and the news story about ‘conservative outrage’ over it. I don’t know that I’ve, or anyone, has actually seen one conservative who is outraged as the legacy media is trying to portray.

John Ward does some pretty humorous and topical videos and this one is no exception. If his timeline of events is accurate, then this is once again, the media colluding with a candidate to deceive the public.

They are building AOC up to being the leader of the party. She won’t be eligible for a run in 2020 but count on her getting groomed for a 2024 run. They will push her to be the first woman president.

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Honestly, I think her dancing is kind of cute. But I focus on whether they can do their job effectively, not whether they are a good dancer.

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If she votes for anti-US policies, anti-national interests, pro glabalist or devisive issues in congress, her own record will be her downfall. She will be a good leader for Cuba or the UN. Her political ambitions and future will be limited in the US.


Seems like that’s been the general consensus. Of course, reality has little bearing on anything when it comes to some ‘journalists.’

The account that ‘released’ the video was created right before it uploaded the video and the ‘journalist’ just happened to find a tweet by a new rando account a few hours later and in time to do the requisite research to write a ‘news’ story about it.

Astroturf and sock puppets.

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Well if she can dance, I haven’t seen the video and don’t care, then at least she has one talent…

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I haven’t seen it, I don’t care. It has no bearing on anything.

The fact she opens her mouth and stupid comes out is enough to work with.

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I have to chuckle when she opens her mouth and try to speak intelligently…like shes saying something new when in fact everyone that know little about anything already knows it.

Like the tax structure for example.

Which tells me she’s just parroting what they told her.

Poor little thing doesn’t like them checking up on her. :rofl:

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Now having said that she can dance…and she has somewhat hot bod.

After few drinks her lib rambling will go in one ear and out the other.

OK maybe more then few drinks. :wink:

You charmer, you. :wink: :joy:

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She is a flash in the pan. The DNC piranhas haven’t even started on her in earnest.

Attention whoring is her only real talent.

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Heck, maybe she created the account and released the video.

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Little premature don’t you think???

Face it she’s an anomaly and they’ll want a headline.

Kind of the point. The NYT once again acting as an arm of the DNC, unreported free in kind political donation.


Senate republicans should jump on this one with both feet as it’s pretty obviously a coordinated in kind donation. Not remotely credible they came across that tweet organically and wrote the article in that time frame.


You know what is interesting (well at least to me).

I cut cable a long time ago. I mostly use Roku.

Used to be I could watch Fox on YouTube, etc. Last night I tried to watch Trump’s address and couldn’t find Fox on YouTube or as I used to be easily able to.

Just the liberal networks were available.