Any Canadians from Alberta?

Any Canadians from Alberta who voted in the provincial election?

If Kenney wins not only will it be a disaster for Alberta it will be anything but a headache for Trudeau. Kenney is the biggest globalist stooge that there is so he will fit right in with Trudeau. Like Trudeau, Kenney is a proponent of globalization and trade agreements that have cost far more jobs than the carbon tax or anything else. Kenney screwed the taxpayers of Canada for years by claiming that he was a pathetic loser living in mommy’s basement in Calgary when he was living full time in Ontario on the taxpayer dime.

He showed himself to be a complete coward with no morals or ethics when the NDP enacted legislation to prevent protests at abortion slaughterhouses. Instead of standing up and doing his job to oppose this he and his UCP cowards just walked out of the Legislature ensuring that the bill was passed with no opposition. If he wins he will do nothing to stop the slaughter of untold numbers of unborn children at these slaughterhouses. He couldn’t even manage to win the leadership of the UCP without cheating to beat Brain Jean.

If Kenney is elected he will spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on court battles that he has virtually no chance of winning while blaming everything except his own incompetence. If the Transmountain Pipeline actually goes through he will puff out his chest and take credit for it even though he had nothing to do with it since it is likely a positive decision will be made by the end of this month and as the least effective opposition leader in any legislature he had no impact on the decision whatsoever.
Kenney has been a morally and ethically bankrupt neocon globalist since he entered politics and shouldn’t even be allowed to clean the toilets of the Legislature never mind become Premier. There are other choices for Albertans besides the NDP or the UCP neither of which deserve to win even a single seat.

How significant is this election for CA?

Why is Canada so globalist?

Judging by that response I’m guessing the election didn’t go the way you hoped it would.