Antwon Williams – Trump is the blackest president we’ll ever have

Trump does not care about the color of your skin, if you are male or female, gay or straight, etc. He just wants you to succeed and be safe, because when you succeed and are happy, America succeeds.
Democrats have displayed over and over again that they are anti-American and filled with HATE.
True conservatives welcome any patriotic American regardless of skin color, sexual preference, and religion – just be a true conservative, RINO’s excluded.

That was great.

“Trump isn’t running this country like a politician; he is running it as a businessman”

And the establishment cannot stand it.

Our country is doing so well, I absolutely cannot fathom the hatred of Trump’s policies. From immigration to trade deals…

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Nope. The only group he seems to not care about is white Americans. He does gleefully boast about every other group.

You know why? Because if he even mentioned whites he’d be called a racist or better yet, feed the MSM narrative of “white supremacy”. The point is, we have reached a point that it’s time to move past identify politics and race baiting narratives. To always make issues only about race, gender, etc., only propagates the post modern paradigm that made it possible.

Negotiations, like the trade agreement with China, benefits all Americans.

When he works around the obstruction of the democrats to find funds to build the wall and negotiate with Mexico to keep asylum seekers on their side of the border, it benefits all Americans.

A President should represent the best interests of America first, which Trump clearly is doing. What color your skin is falls under the category of being irrelevant.

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13% of the population with lower than 60% turnout for the vote. Way too much time and energy is spent on pandering to the black vote.

I guess this INTELLIGENT man doesn’t have many black friends and is shunned by most of the black community because he makes sense.He must be a rare man that wants to work and be independent. I bet alot of the SJWs call him a racist.
God BLESS this man.

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Proof that the tide is turning.

Totally disagree! Every other minority starts following once the AMV has turned. Besides a working AM as well as elevating their status based on conservative principles is a good thing for everyone!

I think I like this guy.

Obama won twice by just a few thousand votes in a handful of swing states.

Trump won by a handful of votes in 5 states previously won by Obama.

The “Black Vote” is all that is necessary for democrats to control most of the seats in the house they hold and about half the seats they control in the senate.

If Republicans could win 12-15% of the black vote and even half the Hispanic vote democrats would be out of power for a century.

Close elections in particular are won by candidates that can carry independents and pull votes from the other party.

You can’t win simply by carrying your own base.

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If just 30% of blacks voted Republican, the Democrats would never have another President.

15% is probably all it would take. That would turn many of the major metro areas dem’s traditionally have an iron grip on red.

Fat chance of him being on CNN or MSNBC.