Antisemitism is a thing of the future

Honestly, people are getting sick and tired of them.

Is Scott Ritter an antisemite?

No. Although he is very critical of Israel’s genocide policy, he does not speak the ultimate truth (that the holocaust is a lie).

Is the officer wearing a pink Jooish talisman on his wrist?

Is he Jooish?

Is that the reason why he did not open fire on the assassin until he opened fire first (which almost killed Trump)?

Is the officer’s name really Jonathan Willis?


The post by someone claiming to be officer Jonathan Willis was fake.
Correcting The Record: Judge Nap issues a correction on debunked rumors of stand-down order. - YouTube


Isn’t Bobby Fisher a jew? Hmm?

Yes, he was because his mother was Jooish. But he somehow denounced Zionism and the religion of Judaism.

He was born in Chicago, and became an American chess grandmaster and the world chess champion.

At the time of 911 in 2001, he was living in the Philippines and made such comments as:

“I applaud the act. Look, nobody gets … that the US and Israel have been slaughtering the Palestinians … for years.”

“The horrible behavior that the US is committing all over the world … This just shows you, that what goes around, comes around, even for the United States.”

He hoped for a coup d’état in America, which some of us believe is the only way to save the US.

“[I hope] the country will be taken over by the military—they’ll close down all the synagogues, arrest all the Jews, execute hundreds of thousands of Jewish ringleaders.”

A smart guy who lived ahead of his times, I’d say.