Antifa Viciously Beat Female Real Estate Employee in Her Own Home

This is the result of these rats being tolerated by authorities and even promoted by fake news media. Expect more of this in every country where Antifa is left to fester.

German far-left Antifa extremists broke into the apartment of a real estate company employee and viciously beat her in an ongoing war against a luxury apartment development in Leipzig.

The attack saw two far-left extremists invade the apartment of the 34-year-old real estate worker at around 7 p.m. on Sunday and hit her in the face with their fists several times, according to police spokesman Andreas Loepki, German tabloid Bild reports.

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ANTIFA showing the world what thugs they are.

I’ll wait for coverage beyond Breitbart. Let’s see if any reliable sources pick this up.

Just to note. My dad was an ANTIFA Maring in the South Pacific. he died young, in 1958. My step father was also ANTIFA. He served under Patton trough North Africa, into Salerno and Anzio then up the South of France and into DACHAU where he was left to care for the humans left alive there.


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So, a bunch of unemployed entitled terrorists who contribute little other than violence to society, invade the home of a lady who likely pays their welfare money with her taxes. Nice.

Are you seriously giving the black block the same credibility as the US Army?

Have to see her voting record before we know if she is a victim.

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I am Army myself. You serve?

What is this “black block”? You mean the Proud Bois? They’re pink as pink can be.

I despise today’s ANTIFA only a bit less that I despise Proud Bois and their ilk. This does not remove the fact that by fighting against Hitler, Tojo and Mussolini my father and uncles were, in fact, ANTIFA of their day.

Don’t bother with this troll. His another of Monte’s old bedbugs from the same circus tent who is living out his fantasy roles in order to satisfy his multiple personality disorder. First he claims he is a Ranger, then a Native American, who is a expert gun handler that has a PHD to which he has traveled all over the world like James Bond then presumes to tell everyone here that he is an authority on news sources! You are better off just ignoring this pathetic loser!


This is why we have the 2nd Amendment. All laws limiting purchase of firearms need to be repealed.

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Me, Navy, Vietnam; and I still don’t know what was going on. The old man was with OSS 101 in Burma. 3 years in the jungle.


I guess Germans don’t have that luxury. Ahhhhhhhh, how sad. They cannot even defend themselves.

He sounds like somebody we know :smiley:

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The USA defeated the evil of fascism in WWII but the twisted and grotesque version of today’s violent masked and hooded street thugs branding themselves (anti-fascists) ANTIFA are using Mussolini style tactics making them no better then the fascists and brown shirts of WWII and they are stealing the valor of our brave Military who actually fought against fascism and earned that badge of honor of defeating them.

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I couldn’t disagree more. The men who fought in WWII fought actual facism and wholesale murder by a regime that had taken over the free nations of Europe.

ANTIFA is anti facist in acronym only.

They are a bunch of middle and upper middle class White kids who have glommed onto a mythology of fighting facism by violently assaulting anyone who disagrees with them, or is unarmed and in the wrong place/demographic at the wrong time. They, like black block, are anarchists who believe in destroying society so that it can be rebuilt as ??? It is little different from the Klan - pathetically small lives trying to be part of something bigger through joining a new ideology based religion wherein they cast each other as heroically fighting facism.
I invite you to read this posting on Quillette -it is an eye opening view into their little world.

Odd that they only seem to appear when the proud bois, Joey Gibson and his cute little “patriot prayer” thugs announce a rally in Portland.

I wonder what it is about those very fine people that incites them:thinking:

Your’s is an interesting perspective, thanks.

I’m no fan of ANTIFA. We saw them in the streets the night after the 2016 election as they defaced and in many cases destroyed shop owners business in downtown Portland. They’ve got some early childhood issues.

However from my understanding of the definition of Fascism or Hitler’s brown shirts they are not the best match. The folks they rally against are a much better match.

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They were a good enough a match to be the axis of evil allies and wage WWII. It was Hitlers German Nazi’s, Italy’s Mussolini Fascists, and Emperor Hirohito Japan’s Imperialists that the USA and our allies fought and defeated. Whatever totalitarian “ism” or “ist” label it all comes out as tyranny of dictatorships, in other words they all “match”!

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They likely show up at Proud Bois events now, but they also have a history of blocking traffic in cities like Portland with no oppo side around, beating up girls at Berkely during a “protest” etc.

Did you read the Quillette piece or did you decide not to upon seeing there might be conservative content therein?

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