Antifa Reduced to Intimidating Old People in Ontario

Look at this scum. And entirely representative of the left at large. This is directly where a progressive ideology leads because it’s philosophy can’t stand on its own and requires violence to squelch any opposition.

Here’s the straight vid if you don’t like watching Sargon…

These lunatics are making the case for mandatory sterilization.

How’s that for some “Fascism?”

Antifa is nothing more than a speed bump! Dont slow down…

Do we know what led to this? No. For all we know the elderly woman coulda said something blatantly racist/offensive which provoked the confrontation.

The right loves to exclude the actions that led to a confrontation, and misrepresent situations like this. You all do it all the time!

Is that so fruitcake? Notice they never try that with military guys or bikers that can and will open up an old-fashioned can of whoop ass!

No wrong, everyone that I know personally that leans left hates those fools, they represent the left at large like Unite the Right represents the right at large.

The same freaks that get hysterical if they are misgendered call an old lady with a walker a nazi.