ANTIFA Punk Gets a Valuable Lesson!

Antifa/Extinction Rebellion protester tries to block a street and then starts vandalizing a man’s SUV.

The man loses it and it doesn’t end well for the protester.

Normal hardworking people have had enough of these left-wing virtue-signalling eco-terrorists


That’s exactly what needs to happen each and every time. They stupidly believe that people aren’t eventually going to snap into a primal mode. Everyone and everything has a breaking point.


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We have all been warned. They are coming. The Antifa uber-soldiers of the revolution are going to take this country back from all of us evil Nazi fascists. They will be too powerful to take down. How will we ever recover from this?


Just look at this vile little antifa scum demon. Just like all the rest. They crawl out from the filthy holes that they’re living in to pick a fight with people who are just trying to have go about their business. That’s why you always have to stand up to these little demon rotten scumlords. They want to take your freedom and control you. They want to stop you from having babies. They are the foot soldiers of satan worshipping globalists but you have to stand up to them. Evil cannot triumph over good. When you stand up to them they fall. Remember that. You are the last line of defense against these little trendy freaks.


A well deserved ass kicking.

Love his girly pink backpack too HA!

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I know people who would have just run over the fucker; and who would have given consequences little or no thought. Yes Johnny, there are people you should not antagonize. Problem is we have many slow learners in society. Ending up in a body cast, and being fed through a tube; well, I guess that’s making some kind of a statement.

The upside is they will never reproduce the natural way and would require artificial means.

They aren’t so tough when not in big groups are they?

I would love to stamp one of these guys/girls heads in it would be epic I would also love to fuck up a Brexit remoaner to see the look of reality on their face you know when someone pushes you too far and you don’t even say nothing you just start beating them and then they’re saying stuff like why you doing this to me LoL

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Thugs/Bullies almost never are.

Hiya TWR :heart:

image … .

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Fortunately this driver thought it out. Had he just run the idiot over he’d be looking at a very long life in prison.

Waiting till the turd attacked his vehicle gave him the legit argument that he was defending himself.

Lot’s of ways this could have gone, fortunately it went the way it should have.

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Yeah! Notice how he threw the stick away instead of taking a few swings at the moron?

Yep, if there was any question as to intent, he eliminated it at that point.

You can damned sure argue it was more retaliation than self defense but try selling that to a jury. :rofl:

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I think her putting on those pants was the biggest struggle that she’s ever faced.

ANTIFA is the Communist Party reincarnated