Antifa Member Killed By Police After Opening Fire On Officers

I agree completely with this.

And my first thought also was, thank god no children were shot.

Though that man’s daughter of course was severely hurt by her father’s actions.


I would think that most sane people would think that “deranged person with clear anger issues.” about sums up Antifa


Antifa is nothing more than hitler’s brown shirt and mussolini’s black shirt thugs. Difference between then and now is then the government had all the guns and now the citizenry is very well armed and very competent in the use of firearms. Antifa wants war – order plenty of body bags to put the scum in.

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Non gender specific?
I bet the morgue has a record that says

-gunshot to head. Man.

And he likely appears in some Psychologist’s record under the folder name.

  • Daddy issues.
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How can you say that this has nothing to do with Antifa?

If you forgot, Antifa is a violent left wing terror group that hates this country, our military, our police, Christians, and whites.

So when a police officer asks a pussy Antifa member to do something how do you think it’s gonna go down? Maybe you say that this isn’t related to Antifa because he wasn’t wearing a mask like a scared little bitch, but I would have to disagree with that.


Why would that police officer know that guy was in Antifa?

I am so sick and tired of violent left wing Hispanic school shooters! The police did the right thing and dealt with this Antifa school shooter the right way! A bullet to the head!

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Good Lord. Just the “Hispanic” though.

How many have there been?

I could have sworn I saw this video somewhere else…might have been Facebook. The news article where it was published stated something about a father showing up at his kid’s school and trying to take him from his mother, who had custody, and he pulled a pistol on the police officer who was restraining him. I did not know, however, that he was an Anti-Fa member.

As for my thoughts regarding this, I think that the cops could have tased him…but then again, he did pull a gun and at that moment one has to assume their life is in danger as soon as that happens. So I can understand where the cops are coming from. But it’ll probably be spinned as, “Brave SJW gets murdered by police for no reason, what an incredible martyr he is. Boo hoo” and that’ll be what people pay attention to. The guy is the one who escalated the situation by pulling a gun on the cop, and the cop reacted accordingly. It’s sad that a life was lost, but it’s not like it was not his fault that he was killed.

You are only thinking of the big ones. Nikolas de Jesus Cruz from Parkland was the most recent of the big ones. But there are lots of gang related school shootings, many Hispanic and Black shooters. The media doesn’t like talking about that.

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Oh really? Liberals point out the race of every school shooter/mass murderer since 2012. Do you think race is irrelevant as well, or is it just when they belong to something you support?

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How many?

How do you know this guy is hispanic?

The ones shooting up schools look like you.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: he wasn’t Hispanic. Cruz is his adoption name. His birth name is Woodard.

And his middle name is Jacob. No “de Jesus”.

You give low information racists a bad name.

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Wow - hit a nerve! How do I know this guy is Hispanic?


Well, for starters I have two eyeballs in my head and still have my 20/20. Second, his name was Charles Landeros - Landeros doesn’t exactly scream WASP if you know what I mean.

There are lots of school shootings and acts of violence that take place in our inner city schools on a daily basis - most of it is from Hispanic and Black gang violence. I’m not going to waste my time listing each event for you so please don’t be completely ridiculous and ask.

The fact is our inner city schools are plagued by Hispanic and Black gang violence but the only time anyone seems to want to talk about violence in schools is when the perpetrator is white. Why is that?

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So he looks Hispanic? :rofl:

How did going by the name work out for you with Cruz?

Yeah you hit a nerve. Racism does that.

When a police officer asked a Democrat for his license and registration, the officer doesn’t know that he’s talking to a Democrat.

Describing the demented individual in this case as Antifa, doesn’t imply that the officers knew it before finding out who the body used to be.

…and if the dead man was indeed an Antifa member, it is completely legitimate to say so…just as it was to point out the the baseball field shooter was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Antifa is a mindset, a political posture. One of its principle defining characteristics is the use of intimidation, force and violence for political gain.

The LEOs confronting and subsequently killing this man could very well have prevented multiple deaths of children and school personnel. Kudos to the officers!

Another Antifa Fascist bites the dust! :+1:

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I didn’t mention race.

He ain’t white.

Oh that’s right you’re the La Raza troll. I heard about you. No one can say anything about Hispanics without you getting worked up into a lather. Kinda sad.

That’s typical of many Hispanics though. A vast majority have a massive inferiority complex that they overcompensate for through bluster, machismo, and violence.