Antifa Attacks Police in the City of Atlanta

Antifa is now becoming a much bigger problem for law enforcement across the country. This latest breaking news of attacking a police facility is a clear shot across the bow that has lawmakers wanting to declare the lawless insurgents a terrorist organization. I say its well overdue, and the first thing thing that probably needs to happen is to follow the money trail and find out who is behind the funding of these criminals and hold them equally accountable. It is well overdue otherwise the country faces more uprising as the nation on a whole heads into the warmer months ahead where events like these could become common occurrences.

The story evolved when several ANTIFA members were arrested for protesting the construction of a police training facility which has become known as their battle cry “defendatlantaforrest” In retaliation they returned to set fires and fire fireworks at police.

We always knew that SPLC was another grifting org designed to go after political enemies but now this is not going to end well for their reputation.

Antifa is Jooish■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Ha ah ha! Lol! Certainly they evolved to something else altogether? Looking like the character villains from a Batman movie.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Why does the US local police allow for this destruction to happen?

if we can add the train derailments to that question, then it might be easier to assume there is something sinister going on such as a movement to destroy our country.


Do you think these fools dressed in black, like DC/Marvel super villans, actually know or care about their terror org. being jooish?

They probably don’t know. Just like communists (in western countries) don’t know that they are practicing Judaism.


If they learn the truth, they may change their mind

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Lawsuits and liberal judges .


The Southern Poverty Law Center is 100% a JOOISH operation.

Purpose? Ferment animosity between blacks and whites.
Guess who’s behind the (artificial) hatred between Christians and Muslims in recent years.

Speaking of which…