Another Terrorist Captured in the USA!

This person has been accused of killing two police officers.Can anyone tell me how he got into the US?

When the bottom half of our country is significantly open and unprotected anybody can just walk across. This is why border security matters.

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He might have gotten in legally. We have a habit of just letting everyone in, you know?

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The link isn’t working for me. 404 error.

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Here is a working link.

Thank you. Good he is caught.

Hate to break this news to you our upper half is even more open. :wink:


That’s absolutely true although the terrain is much more inhospitable to land crossings and there isn’t the established smuggling network like there is south of the border.

I hope he gets a stern warning. Not really: 9mm - dumpster - landfill.

Not likely unless he was traveling on a forged passport. They re also integrating facial recognition to the screenings when you present your PP to the BP agent at the counter.

Not sure how far they’ve gotten with the latter but I know it’s in place in some of the airports I’ve been through coming back to the states from abroad.

Now finish the job by disappearing him before he does something nasty? Don’t wait until he does it ffs! Like we do? :roll_eyes:

Unfortunately everyone on our soil enjoys The Protections of The US Constitution.