Another organization we can dispense with

Get rid of the UN.
It has caused more harm than any good.
There have been more conflicts and wars after the UN was created.


The World Health Organization ( WHO ) is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health.[1]

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The UN–like so many other institutions–was created just after WWII, in the hope that globalization would prevent such disasters as a worldwide conflict in the future.

Unfortunately–some of us might even say fortunately–globalization has been revealed as an utter failure.

Yes, it is indeed time (in fact, past time) to get rid of this anachronistic institution.


The WHO has been acting as Chinese mouth-piece. Lets their true overlords fund them instead.


The Useless Nation is an attempt at a one world government.


It is pining for the establishment of the United Nations of the World, an oligarchy run by appointees chosen in perpetuity to receive wealth and property in return for arbitrary dictates that apply only to the peons.

Fuck the UN! Fuck Globalization!

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While we’re at it PBS needs to meet it’s maker. Total left wing news bildge.

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The UN and the W.H.O. takes orders from CHINA . They are responsible for the vast majority of deaths because of their outright LIES and coverup !!! NO MORE FUNDS FROM US TAXPAYERS EVER AGAIN !!!

Did you know that the bar codes on the backs of stop signs are really secret directions for invading UN troops?

No worries, it’s no doubt directions to the nearest “safe space”


Okay, that was actually clever.

I heard about the UN troops (consisting of Chinese and Russian troops) hiding in the mountains of Mexico ready to invade the US as early as 1980s.

There are photos of UN vehicles spotted in US.
What are they doing?

Maybe. I don’t know.