Another One Bites the Dust

I feel sympathy for the robber’s family, but none for the robber.

When are criminals gonna learn. Never rob a dollar store or a waffle house.

That’s the beauty of concealed carry. The criminals don’t know who has a gun on them. :rofl:


Monday, January 28, 2019

AL: Homeowner Shoots, Kills Man Attempting Break-in

Birmingham police Sgt. Johnny Williams on Friday said officers learned that the homeowner shot the suspect as he encountered the suspect trying to break into his home. Investigators presented the case information to the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office and it was ruled as a justifiable shooting.

The customer who shot and killed the gunman will not be charged, police said.

Most important part.


You’re all sick…celebrating the death of dangerous criminal.

Seek help.

OK, I got bleeding heart lib out of me…so I’m good for another year.


wait wait wait a sec

let me get this straight, According libs, people shouldnt carry guns because guns kill…

So this scumbag walks into a business with a gun ( most likely illegal) and he is a criminal , who attempted to rob the store with employees who work for a living unlike the would be robber, who threatened the two employees with his gun and a customer with a gun , shot and killed the robber.

Did I get this right?

the poor criminal degenerate got killed, by a good law abiding samaritan , Im shedding a tear, okay im over it

Give that man the key to the city and 10% of anything he buys at that store for the next year.
He just saved the taxpayers some money

Another success story on why America is great and why the second amendment is a wonderful thing

God bless America and the Gunman who killed the scum, and God bless the two store employees for keeping calm in the face of danger.

Compassion only goes so far. :wink:

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2 more scumbags/democrat voters down.