Another Liberal Idiot Shot Dead!

This a guy who said to support Suckerberg and had ties to “Rollin 60 Crips” a Los Angeles gang.

Who knows, maybe he staged the whole thing in order to immortalize himself. Given the fact that things are screwed up and what we have seen so far leftist idiots, I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case!

Why should we care? Its not like Hollywood cares about ordinary Americans as they love to dumb down on the average everyday working people with their arrogance!

Another community service killing. No loss.

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Liberals are fascinated with black rappers and their medieval ways . Let them kill each other and do the world a great service .

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Nipsey Hussle…dirtnap time for another useless bastard


I’m not gonna say he was some wonderful human being; but, what I read had him saying he was trying to encourage black kids to look to those besides entertainers and athletes.

Yes, his choice of which Silicon Valley geeks may have not been the best, but on the whole it wasn’t a bad message. He doesn’t deserve mocking for that.

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He should have hustled his nipsy back into his store.

Boom boom, out go the lights! :rofl::rofl:

More insanity!

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Not the least bit surprising and totally predictable. Tribal warfare.

You can’t make this shit up! Seriously I had to read the headline again! Its all too funny if it wasn’t true!

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Cleansing the gene pool.

It’s time we let all the decent people leave Detroit, put a wall around it and fill it with convicted felons and gang bangers.

Let nature take it’s course.

When it’s over, level the whole place and start over.

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: this is so funny! I wouldn’t doubt it one bit !