Another Jihadist-Canada


Before he was captured by Syrian Kurdish forces in February, Canadian Mohammed Khalifa went from being a cog in the ranks of ISIS to its English language voice.

Khalifa, 35, who goes by his ISIS nom de guerre Abu Ridwan, says he would like to return to Canada provided he can bring his non-Canadian wife and their three children.

It is very obvious that Canada will let this man back with all his luggage and probably give him a few million dollars for his inconvenient stay at a refugee camp.

Thanks Canada!

He may receive a government job from Trudeau???

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I hadn’t seen this post earlier today. I don’t think Trudeau Will let him back into the country so close to the election. If Trudeau wins we can expect to be reading news reports about them rolling out the red carpet for this guy and handing him a big check.

What I want to know is if the Canadian military knows who he is and where he is why hasn’t a drone taking him out yet? He’s a threat to both Canada and the United States. Time to stop being sissies, Canada.

If they don’t have the nerves to do it President Trump should solve the problem for them and send them a bill!

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Neither of which would be legal…

Guess what Monte - terrorism isn’t legal either but with the way you want all these situations handled it seems like you want innocent people to be killed by terrorists.

I haven’t said how I want anything run, I have one post here pointing out that what Margie is calling for is illegal…:man_shrugging:

When the government kills a terrorist, it’s not illegal.

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If it’s done extrajudicially it is. And if said government enters the sovereign territory of another country it damn sure is.

Oh yeah, who is going to enforce that. The UN? :rofl:

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Lol, that’s your justification for it…:roll_eyes:

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