Another Iranian Oil Tanker Struck By Missiles

Things are hotting up in the Gulf, but so far nobody has claimed responsibility for this.

Some shits trying to start some shit!:rofl:

President Trump just said last night that we aren’t getting into any more wars, especially in the Middle East. These are their problems, on their land, let them deal with it.

These sandrats are just trying to jack up oil prices again. Could have been an attack. Could have been vandalism. Either way, oil prices go up.

Have you opposed US presence in the ME all along?

Looks like this wasn’t an attack. The Iranians are saying this was a mishap on the ship and it’s under control. Of course, the news isn’t reporting that at all.

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So are the Iranians suddenly trustworthy?

What are you talking about? I think the media has proven that they are not trustworthy. Maybe they will issue a correction to this story a week from now in an obscure section of the newspaper that no one reads.

So the Iranians are trustworthy…

About as trustworthy as the Clintons.

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