Another example of rampant pedophilia among Leftists

On Thursday it emerged that the attorney, Mark Zaid (linked to Clinton, Schumer and John Podesta), tweeted “We will get rid of him,” in reference to President Trump, followed weeks later with the tweet “#coup has started” in support of fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who refused to enforce an Executive Order banning the admission of refugees from certain countries.

What Zaid hasn’t addressed is why his alleged YouTube channel ‘liked’ videos about “Disney Girls,” and why he enjoys going to children’s theme parks alone based on his social media history.

On Friday, Twitter users pointed out that Zaid oddly bragged about helping “guys with child porn issues” obtain government clearances in response to a February thread about former Trump aide Rob Porter, who was fired following allegations of domestic abuse.


No wonder government departments are being infiltrated by pedophiles and other sick perverts

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Let me rile leftists further by posting a very pertinent article from

May your heads explode, libtards!

Meanwhile, we have members of Congress with dual citizenship, an immediate disqualifier for a security clearance, and I had trouble with mine because of a past termination.

At this point, I’m wondering if we shouldn’t just get our lists in order and start a second Civil War. Clearly, we’ve lost this nation to perverts, degenerates, and Satanists.

This lowlife should be investigated. And the list of clients he represented for security clearances must be outed and blocked.

Guy is a Deep State Pedocrat.

Everybody knows what’s going on here.

It’s a good, old-fashioned railroading… except that this one’s run by pedophiles.

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Even without reading the details of his study, I call bullshit on his conclusion.

Sexual proclivities are determined by initial and following pleasurable sexual experiences and tempered to some degree by adopted moral and ethical standards…non of which occur prior to birth.

This can all be settled by simply adding a letter “P” to the end of the sexual perversion alphabet soup. Then they are considered born that way and unable to be changed by incarceration of therapy.
You are welcome.

Marxism, pedophilia, satanism…
They are in the same camp.
No surprise there.

Now I guess it’s ok to travel to Asia (Thailand and Philippines) for these perverts to have sex with children because it’s a " sexual orientation " rather than a sick perve6 mental illness. Explain that to GenPop when these sickos go to prison.

You should post conservative pedophiles too.

No body is stopping you from doing it yourself little chugalug! Go for it!

Dems vs Republican
Progressive vs Conservative
Left vs Right

Such juxtaposition is basically meaningless.
But people like labels.

Rahm Emanuel comes to mind.
Hard-core Zionist with Israeli citizenship (who also served the Israel military) at the White House under Obama.

I think Epstein is hiding in Israel

Ok, everybody’s the same…:man_shrugging: