Another example of Dems & Leftists showing why they cant be trusted. Radio host fired mid-show for criticizing Trump!



Four Points.

  1. You get garbage information from fake news sources which lie to you about Trump.
  2. You ONLY get the bad information about him, so you are only HALF informed.
  3. You dont understand what trouble America is in, so you belittle the ONE guy capable of saving America.
  4. You dont understand that we are at war with people you befriend and then you try to disable our leader while he is battling alligators and then feel butt hurt that you had to be stopped before you inflicted more harm on America.

EDIT: My apologies. I am still getting used to this GREAT forum’s differences.

Do you have a link to the article?


Thanks for your patience.

LOL, the same Craig Silverman who voted for Obama twice and then claimed to be a born again non democrat, whatever that is.


He could have a second career as an extra actor in Hollywood playing smarmy types you enjoy seeing get their comeuppance in the end.

Kinda like Schiffty Schiff.

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Damn dude :joy:

I don’t know what it was but that just made me laugh my ass off.


As someone who is new here you might want to lurk some more. You seem to be posting a lot, which is nice, but you aren’t really observing how we do things.

If you are going to be the OP then you need to provide a source, provide your assessment, and grey text. If you don’t do this when you create a thread people will just ignore you and your posts.

I think it’s also smart to not post entire Seinfeld episodes, documentaries, or music videos below whatever it is you’re saying. It’s at best barely connected to the topic of discussion and at worst it appears to be trolling or vandalism, neither of which is tolerated by people here.

You can dismiss what I’m saying and continue doing whatever it is that you want to do. You probably won’t get banned for it but I can assure you no one will interact with you. If you want to be accepted here and have a robust discussion with other members of this community then I suggest that you abide by the community norms and standards that we all follow.

I’m sorry to be so direct about this but you’re posts have been filling up my inbox and you don’t seem to be following the way we do things.

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Yeah because obviously so many other people are being shit-canned and censored every single day for their criticism of Donald Trump…

What world do some people even live in?



I was wondering if this was a mismatch.

Your kind observations confirmed my suspicions.

Thank you.

I will see how things go for a few more days and then either adjust or fade away.


Ever see a zombie film where you cant tell who is and who isnt a zombie?

Here, all the zombies act and talk and think alike and those who try their zombie stuff with normal people are reacted to in various ways.

That smarmy mofo got what he deserved.
And it isnt a matter of BOTH sides being right.


The ONLY thing that can can come from the President’s opponents winning the narrative is the downfall of America.