Another Democrat Conflates The Gun Control Issue

Holy crap! Sheila Jackson just exposed her ignorance and knows nothing about AR-15s! For starters the gun does not fire a massive 50 Cal bullet! She stated that the gun weighs the same as 10 boxes when moving! Seriously? This is the stupidity of left and how they keep getting elected is with more stupidity!

The average weight of an AR-15 once loaded with a 30 round magazine is 7.5 pounds. Jackson Lee also said it would take members of the House of Representatives “flooding” the Senate in order for gun control initiatives to be passed.

Kill all liberals and Democrats with facts! This women is a prime example why the left are not only liars but just plain ignorant on just about every topic they try to promote and the American people deserve better than asshats like these!



She should think about loosening up that weave. Her brain needs the oxygen.

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Yay, another idiotic comment from the dumbest person in Texas.

Anyone see the “wealth registry” proposed by Sanders? Amazing to hear what that will be used for… taxing wealth (confiscation) and yer we’re to believe a gun registry wouldn’t be used to confiscate firearms?

These people are too stupid to work so we send them to DC.

Another Affirmative Action moron !

What do you expect from a “person” that steals an airline seat from a hard working school teacher! Plain ignorant! Like most liberals she doesn’t know a damn thing about what she opposes and why. Blatant stupidity.

I am just exasperated by that little fact that you just pointed out! I like to know who in her district voted this POS into office?

However, you will like this! Headline reads: “Handling Gun Grabbers Like a Boss”

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