ANOTHER CHINESE EPIDEMIC: Massive Hantavirus Outbreak Spreading Fast

At this point we just need to nuke China. These soulless bat-eating, dog-eating, baby-killing shitheads need to be eradicated. At this rate, unemployment will be high enough from Coronavirus that we can just start making shit here for cheap since the dollar is about to be worthless. Fuck China.

A man from China’s Yunnan Province, who tested positive for hantavirus, died on a chartered bus on Monday — even as the coronavirus outbreak has overtaken the entire world. The epicentre of Covid-19 — a disease that coronavirus causes — is also said to be China. The first cases of Covid-19 were spotted in the wet city of Wuhan.

Hantavirus is a virus that normally infects rodents, but does not cause diseases in them. Humans may become infected with Hantavirus through contact with rodent urine, saliva, or faeces.


If this isn’t transmissible from human-to-human contact then how did so many people on the bus get infected? Is it just that China is so shit and the Chinese are so retarded that they just sit on a bus letting rats piss and shit all over them and into their mouths for hours? Or…are they just telling lies and this strain passes from human to human? Man - I absolutely hate the Chinese.

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All global debt to China should be nil and void they should be punished on a drastic level that has never been seen before by the human eye I’m talking biblical stuff they are out of control they steal technology they spread diseases they undercut manufacturers globally they really need a wake-up call by the global community

China is fucked so they are releasing everything from their biolabs, Xi going out in blaze of pestilence.

Every country on Earth needs to unite and annihilate China with everything we have. We don’t need to use nukes. Every single bomb on the planet should do it. We can then wait a few years, clear the rubble, and carve it up for each country that helped wipe this scourge from the planet.

Will China receive blowback for this? Surely ruining the world is enough for countries to start hating their guts.

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Rat pissed and shit in the water cooler they were all getting their drinks from.

Well we should look at the postives and NOT always the negative . 81% of those infected show very mild symptoms , less that 6% end up in the hospital and -1% die and they all have other health issues . So most Americans are healthy and if they contract this Chinese virus they will be OK .

We have hantavirus here too (especially in the Southwest). As far as I know it’s not spread from human to human - it’s rodent to human (be careful when cleaning up rodent droppings).

How about we and the rest of the civilized world all push the shinny red button at once and take China off the map.

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A fake news story from an outfit nobody has heard of posted on Twitter. Well sources don’t come much more creditable than that? :roll_eyes:

That sounds very plausible to me. Viruses come, and viruses go, and all we need to do is make every reasonable effort to keep away from anyone showing signs of having one of them.

Actually I felt a bit weird just after christmas; it was like having a cold, but it was a cold unlike any I’ve ever had before. But 3 days later all symptoms had gone, so I guess my immune system fired up and got rid of it. We all get UTIs more often that we’d think, but if our immune system is working okay we don’t even know we’ve had them. Oh and UTIs can be as dangerous as 'flu, but we don’t put the world into lockdown if someone reports they have a urinary tract infection???

They use untreated human sewage for fertilizer. Night Soil. Same in North Korea.

I had the nasty end of West Nile about 6 or 7 years ago. I hope your immune after a bout with that shit.

Native Americans learned that lesson years ago . :grimacing: :mask:

Yes we know - you shared it with us a week ago. Are you proud of surviving it or something?

I guess I’m part of that rare end of humanity that’s inclined to repeat on occasion.

Tell me about it?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I always remember having said something before, but I can never remember who to. :roll_eyes:

When crossing the Zambesi always raise your hat to the crocodile’s mother. That’s something worth remembering too.