Another boring gay at the US Capitol

America lets get this right , for the last 6 months Joe Biden on Thursday will make the case for a significantly scaled-back version of his massive economic plan to expand the social safety net hours before departing for his second major foreign trip as president. 90 % of what Biden said he wanted he said 85 % of America wants so what has this and Congress been doing for 6 months???

The bill started out at 6 Trillion dollars , then 5 trillion dollars then 3.75 trillion dollars then 2 trillion dollars $1.75 trillion proposal no text or language in the bill still made, Pervert Joe Biden arrives at the House 200 aids and Democrat leadership their well the wages and benefits of these people another 1 million dollars for the day, The travel by airplanes and cars to get to DC Bidens trip to Italy by plane, more CO 2 emissions than 3 work days for America if they want to work focuses on care for families, addressing the climate crisis, expanding access to health care, lowering costs for 1the middle class and tax reforms.

The plan would provide free and universal preschool for all 3- and 4-year-olds, which amounts to the biggest expansion of public education in 100 years, according to the White house. The framework would also help states expand access to high-quality and affordable child care to about 20 million children per year and extend the enhanced child tax credit that was included as part of the American Rescue Plan.

The framework also calls for significant investments to address the climate crisis, something the President has made a top priority of his administration. The plan includes clean energy tax credits for Americans installing rooftop solar panels, an electric vehicle tax credit, tax credits for clean energy production and would create a civilian climate corp.

Biden is scheduled to give a major address next week at COP26, a UN climate summit. He has pledged a 50% to 52% emissions cut relative to 2005 levels by 2030.

The framework aims to lower premiums for 9 million Americans who buy insurance through the Affordable Care Act, close the Medicaid coverage gap, and expand Medicare coverage to include hearing services. It does not include expanding Medicare coverage to include vision or dental, which is something Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont had pushed for.

It attempts to lower costs for the middle class and includes an expansion of affordable housing, an extension of the expanded Earned Income Tax Credit, an increase to the Pell Grant and more funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. It also includes an expansion of free school meals and a credit to purchase food during the summer, rural partnership programs, a community violence intervention initiative, and money for small business supply chain resilience

After months of negotiations and concessions that resulted in Biden’s initial proposal of $6 trillion being cut in half, the White House expressed confidence on Thursday morning that this new framework would have enough support to pass both the House and the Senate.

“This will be the mean the most transformative investment in children and caregiving in generations, the largest effort to combat climate change in history, a historic tax cut for tens of millions of middle-class families and the biggest expansion of affordable health care in a decade,” a senior administration official said Thursday.

The official continued: “And it is entirely paid for by rewarding work, not wealth, and ensuring that the super wealthy and corporations pay their fair share and can’t cheat every honest American on their tax bills.” OK so why then is this so important that they waited 6 months and still no deal, Cannot blame this on Trump its mor like hogans Heros

The biggest transfer of wealth in the history of the USA ! Reward the dumb , lazy ,and the takers with massive give-a-ways for NOTHING . Following the Venezuela design on how to make a once great Nation into paupers , sending tens of millions to soup kitchens . These mother fuckers can’t kick the can down the road for very long !!! Recession is at the door step . ENJOY .

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