Another Black Man Slaying by Police

Get ready for more riots!

Well hopefully there won’t be…

It is disturbing. I’ll wait to see/hear more before commenting.

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Why didn’t this man obey the officer to move his right arm away from his body? With his history of of past complaints, why wasn’t action taken earlier to maybe avoid this happening.

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I agree- I would never argue with the cops!

We all grow up differently.

One group are taught about authority the other to ignore authority.

Yea, weeze niggah bros don give a fk bout whitey rules.We make own rules. Deeze racist cops lookin foh xcuses to shoot us.

This is slightly off topic but have any of you guys seen the videos from the Nigerian anti-police brutality riots people getting brains blow out onto the street family members finding dead relatives laying in the street and off-duty policeman being beaten to death of rocks by angry locals if that’s how they police themselves they should be thankful for being in America

People are not taught respect today.

Kids call their teachers by their first names.

People are not taught to respect the police.

Your response is beyond pathetic.

As a side note
406 Whites were killed by police in 2019.
259 Blacks
182 Hispanics

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How did you gather that he did?

We can’t legislate parenting and being taught differences between right and wrong, respect, manners and discipline start in the home.
Some of these students are the product of spoiled self- entitled snot nosed parents, or born to single parent( s) that live in the projects orbparents that don’t giveva damn and let the discipline up to society.