Another, bigger migrant caravan is set to leave from Honduras next month



We need to find who’s helping to fund and organize these “caravans” in the US and prosecute them.


You can’t divert foreign aid money to border security without the courts shutting it down immediately.


As I said, we’ve been given no choice. The 5 Billion could have built more wall.


I’d be good with shutting off foreign aid from all future appropriations.


Someone recently put it this way: we just gave every last penny of taxes that will be paid (for their whole lives) by 25,000 American.


It makes more sense now why Trump is withdrawing troops from Syria back to the US.


That’s not a very good way to persuade Mexico and the Triangle countries to do anything to deter these caravans.

Compared to what they cost us when they make it to the US this is money well spent.


There are the paleoconservatives.


Making them alone bear the costs of the people that they have permitted to enter their country, when we turn them away one and all, is what would discourage them from their cavalier attitudes about our right as a nation to have our own laws and them be obeyed.

People Shut Out By Borders clarifies what options they should pursue as well.


We can’t make those countries bear the cost, at most we’d saddle Mexico with the bill by not letting them in here.

Cutting off foreign aid would do nothing but make the problem exponentially worse.


I could not agree more with you on this.


Why can’t we let the countries bear the cost?

Mexico has allowed migrants to pass through for too long. It’s time they get a wake up call that the migrants are going to be their problem not ours. Watch how fast they enforce their own borders.


You know that sounds a little like appeasement.


Yeah, they can bust some cartels that are enjoying government protection if they need cash.


Sounds great but if Mexico gets stuck with the bill it’s going to cause us serious trade issues with them in the future. Remember we’ve moved a tremendous amount of US auto and component manufacturing to Mexico and are heavily reliant on Mexican grown fruits and vegetables and getting sideways with them over this issue would end up costing Americans far more than the piddling 5bn in foreign aid which is directed at getting them to do more to stem the flow.

LIke most issues it isn’t nearly as simple as it might appear at first glance.

Now there is an actual simple answer and that would be for congress to get off of their asses and put a heavy tax/fee on all remittances sent to Mexico, Central, and South America and the revenue then dedicated to border security which would create a permanent revenue source without taking a bite out of the pockets of US citizens.


Are they not reliant on fruits and vegetables from the United States as well?

Mexico is highly dependent upon the largess of the United States. What panic would they devolve into were we to cut them off entirely in trade for assurances that they would enforce their own borders without having to pay them to do so?

No, they are not. There are consequences that can be predicted and unintended consequences that cannot be. But we need to start playing the long, not the short game.

I’d like to see that happen. It makes sense. But you and I both know it won’t’.

So, IMO back to square one where we come down hard like a ton of bricks on all of South America. Let them cry “uncle” and get their house in order while we tend to our house.


No, they really aren’t. Mexico can grow pretty much everything they need and what they can’t they can always import from other sources like Brazil and Argentina.

Their main dependency on the US is dollars being sent from relatives in the US to their families in MX.

As for their problems, we bear a lot of responsibility for them particularly with the crime, violence and corruption surrounding the drug trade. We also can’t pretend that problems south of our border don’t have direct consequences on Americans, these caravans are a perfect example.


So, they can feed their own.

As you said, levey very heavy fees against remittances. The funds can then be collected for border security. Rather like toll roads and bridges.

Who is “we”. I don’t do drugs. No one I associate with does. Why do I care if the drug trade is choked off to Americans. Why is it that we bear responsibility for for this when it is illegal in this country?

If our borders are secure we minimize the impact of drug trade and caravans.

The impact of securing our border from the caravan camped in Tijuana a good example is it not? Mexico has to deal with them on a local and international level. Perhaps Mexico can feel the heat of the economic burden and global criticism for a bit? Perhaps no aid, no nothing will make them willing participants in coming to the table to very seriously disallow migrants to pass through their county? Without giving them billions which very little will trickle down to the intended recipient?

Honestly, TWR, I would rather give them nothing. Remove all aid. Let them go to war and fight amongst themselves. In the meantime, secure our border. We are just kicking the can down the road delaying the inevitable.

Let the countries sink or swim without dragging us down with them.


We as a nation are the world’s largest consumer of illicit drugs. We could have long ago won the drug war but we’ve never made any real attempt at doing so. We won’t cut off the routes they use to get it into the country and won’t seriously go after the growers and processors. Instead we’ve pumped trillions of dollars into funding their corruption and crime which has gone a long way to create the conditions these people are fleeing.

It’s just like when your country goes to war, whether you support the war or not personally is irrelevant, it is your nation and thus the people of same who are responsible.


By not giving them a penny to help with costs they have to come up with it some other way. That’s them bearing The whole costs.