Angry Butthurt Black Man Nicholas Powers Says Seeing Poor White People Makes Him Happy

Yes, we don’t have a race problem, we’ve got a Left Wing Problem.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving … like herpes.


You make a good point. I don’t see this behavior out of “Average Blacks” but it certainly is prevalent in a lot of them.

It all stems from the entitlement/eternal victimhood mentality.

If your entire race is the victim of the evil white man you are “entitled” to reparations and entitled to enjoy seeing them suffer.

Take away either of those factors and it’s not a problem.

The problem also extends well beyond blacks to the whole of the left who believe they are victims and entitled to a free ride on the backs of the rest of us.

Yep. Like the guy right before you said, we don’t have a race problem, we’ve got a Left Wing Problem

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I honestly wish the kids born since about 1990 had been fortunate enough to know blacks that grew up before the “War On Poverty” ruined the black family and largely destroyed the pride of black men in caring for their families, being faithful people of God, working hard, and being generally responsible citizens.

When White Liberals weren’t turning them into animals in a zoo with handouts White Democrats were turning proud black Americans into communists and socialists who hated their country with segregation and racial preferences.

It’s the damned democrats who are mostly responsible for every problem we have today related to race.

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Might not get 20% of the total black vote. But 20% of the black MALE vote is not only possible but likely. In 2016, Trump got 13% of the black male vote.

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If republicans can whittle away even a small percentage of the Black and Hispanic Vote democrats are going to have a hell of a time ever winning another presidential election so you know they are going to fight like hell to paint us all as racists going into 2020.

Trump’s economy is going to work against them which is why we’re now seeing the big push for reparations which will be a major plank in the democratic platform for 2020 right along with some form of mass amnesty for illegals.

It has nothing to do with free speech though. Free speech only protects people from prosecution from the government but not consequences (otherwise racists and bigots would be protected by the law from being expelled or fired for making an offense comment). If he was a white man and had made that comment about black people, he would have been immediately fired and be facing severe widespread backlash but fortunately for him there is a major double standard for white racists and black racists when it comes to racism.

That’s not quite true. First Amendment protections also require the gov’t to punish those who take unlawful retribution on you for exercising your free speech rights.