Angry Black Woman Attacks Woman With Knife For Not Giving Her Pizza 🍕

She dindu nuffin man! Dat raycis white bitch be lyin n sheeeit!

According to the St. Augustine Record, Cooks became angry after the unidentified woman said “no” to her request for a slice. An offense report says Cooks told the woman “I’m going to cut you” with a steak knife in her hand, and then tried to attack her.

The report adds that a male bystander was able to take the knife away from Cooks, but she soon found another one.


It is now the ultimate racism to deny a black person food that you purchased with your own money.


Dayum dat bish be hawngry!!

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I’m just happy that we finally got a picture of “Florida Woman” because I’ve been wondering what she’s looked like for years!

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This is the only possible outcome of teaching a notoriously greedy and jealous low IQ group that it is their right to take what they see as theirs “by any means necessary”.

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If someone tried to attack me with a knife, I would simply shoot them. It would be the logical move. You know, survival.

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Something familiar about this woman.

I could be wrong, but isn’t she a Rhodes Scholar?


It’s a symptom of white privilege. If you have food and are eating it, that’s racist.

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