Angry Black Father Killed Infant Son After Losing Video Game

A Kentucky father frustrated over losing a video game was charged with murder after punching his infant son, investigators said.

Anthony Trice, 26, was watching the child alone on Friday at a home in Louisville when he began losing a video game and threw the controller, according to an arrest citation. He then struck his 1-month-old son in the head with his fist, causing serious physical injury, police said.

And of course you are grieving over the infant.

Of course I do. Stories like this make me want to bring back simpler and more affordable forms of justice. Gravity is free and effective.

Imagine trolling someone into ragequitting a game so hard they kill their kid lol :joy:

It’s really in line with the philosophy of “acceleration”, isn’t it?

Hopefully this piece of shit gets the death penalty after he gets gangraped daily in prison for decades.

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To be honest, I am not surprised by the story. Just from the look at this guy (the father), I can tell he was probably abused by a member of his family, luckily he wasn’t killed (like he killed his own son).

This is an never-ending occurrence by low income families. I say that, because it seems to me, he either doesn’t work…or he is a drug user. Now he is a child abuser. That’s going to look good when he is sent to prison and he gets beaten up by those who don’t tolerate child abuse of any kind.

how come all the posts are about black people, you couldn’t find any muslims or hillbillies committing crimes?

plenty of democrats committing crimes too.

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Quick dude, there is a fox news story about a black dude who dismembered his roommates.

Post it so that just in case we are not sure that liberals have made these men animals, we can regain our grip on reality. Liberals have targeted black people to remain ignorant, poor, animalistic, creatures.

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Woah, there Nellie. There are plenty of people who are low income who have more morals and values in their little fingers than some with more money than they know what to do with.

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Sounds like that would be the pinnacle of achievement for you. Would you go out and celebrate? Wear it as some kind of personal badge of honor?

Laughing that someone killed their kid is funny to you? Gives you a sense of power if you were the one who trolled someone to that extreme?

I am going to flag your post because you are one seriously sick person. You are an embarrassment to every person on this board.

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I wasn’t talking about “all”. Yes, there are plenty of people who are low income who have morals and values…
I was simply stating the fact it is one of the factors.

The important question is, what game was he playing?

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