Angle of Attack---How Naval Aviation Changed the Face of War

One hundred eight minutes well worth the watch for military history buffs and others interested in old movies blended with modern day results of innovating minds.

At least you should watch through 52 minutes to learn how just a few determined men changed the course of the war by sinking three Japanese aircraft carriers in the Battle of Midway.


Here is an interesting perspective on the Battle of Midway…as told be the Japanese.

42 minutes.

…and to think; the discovery and sinking of the Japanese carriers was almost accidental. They lost 3 carriers and 4000 men…in one day.

This video is not anywhere near the quality of the OP.

Thanks for sharing this I really like documentaries on military aviation. If I had to do it all over again I might have considered going Naval Aviation instead of Coast Guard.

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On close examinations of WWII, I came to the conclusions that some Japanese admirals and commanders planned a defeat of Japan (Many of them were Masons). So what appears to be blunders were actually planned.

Pearl Harbor was a meaningless attack for Japan’s war “effort”; it was staged from the get-go to give FDR an excuse to join the war in Europe. The US Navy carefully removed new ships and aircraft carrier to a safe distance and let the Japanese sink ships that were real old, to be decommissioned sooner or later.

Yeah, sacrificing 3 thousand or so American lives seems to be norm. 911 follows that theme. Sinking (by whomever) of a carrier near Iran also matches the figure.