Angela Stanton-King

Ignored by Obama! Pardoned by Trump! Now running against John Lewis!

She is a god damn criminal who stole people’s cars. Fuck this clown.


lol the absolute state of the GOP. I can’t believe I donated to these assholes for years. They are basically becoming the DNC with less intestinal fortitude.

Some low-level gutter trash thuggress gets a get out of jail free card and runs for office. Roger Stone gets convicted and (effectively) a life sentence. He gets to die in prison. Disgusting.

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So, I take it you disagree with what is written in the article. Either that, or you didn’t bother reading it.

If the former is the case, please present any evidence that you may have that disproves any of it.

Numbnut liberals have no problem ignoring that Bitchillary is a criminal, that Slick Willy is a rapist, the Adam Schiff is a goddamned lying piece of shit…but let one car thief from 16 years ago reform her life and you go bonkers.

How easily triggered you are.

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Be nice guys. She wuz a gud gurl. She dinnt du nuffin. She turnin her life around.

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Keep propping up pieces of shit like this.

Roger Stone may get a new trial. The truth oozes out slowly these days.

Yup - they are WAY into celebrating diversity now and falling all over themselves about black unemployment while getting absolutely nothing done while letting anti-whites run rampant across the country.

At least she will lose to a nobody with Stage 4 cancer lol

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You can’t prove she’s a piece of shit. The fact that Hillary, Billary, Schiff and company are, has repeatedly been verified by their actions of late.

Come on man - stop worshiping these people. She is nothing but a criminal and always will be a criminal. As a Republican from Georgia, she doesn’t represent me, my values, or my interests. She is pandering for attention and money. Don’t take the bait so easy. She’s an opportunist and nothing more. One this is certain though, being a politician is a natural fit for a criminal who steals private property from others - then gets rich having someone else write books about it for her.

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Yeah - we can. Refer to her felony convictions. Thanks!

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Exactly! People who wouldn’t be able to obtain and maintain a security clearance should not be eligible to run or hold public office. I support her candidacy though. Anything to help the collapse of this shit system move along.

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That’s all that matters now. Meanwhile, blacks are going to vote for Biden in droves because of the Obama connection. They are literally expending an assload of time and money on pandering to a fraction of 11% - 13% of the population that historically has low voter turnout. It’s retarded.

America will crumble without high levels of black employment. Just look at how badly we were doing over the decades when they were persistently unemployed. What would all of these HR departments do without all of these majestic diversity hires?

She’s black, that’s really all that matters to them.

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This gal may well be an exception to the rule but I’m afraid that in a few years all of the criminal justice reforms are going to blow up in our faces just like they did in the sixties and seventies.

Black unemployment has been at historically low levels for three years and gets better by the day yet we’re no where close to imploding.

No one cares…

Well, that’s certainly not true, a lot of people care. If nothing else it greatly reduces the welfare load.