Andrew Yang's donation counter on his website is a fraud


Yang’s donation counter on his website is a fraud:

It adds one one donation counter every minute exactly.

Refresh the page and you can see it exactly aligns with your minute count.

Also change your time zone then refresh and laugh your ass off as the counter goes up by hundreds.

Archive of code from website:

Snapshots of his website:*/


Yang is a controlled psyop.

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If you go to the Joe Rogan interview with him there are thousands of blank profiles commenting the same sort of thing: “I’m a conservative and I’m voting Yang”. Seriously, check that shit out, it’s creepy as fuck.

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This whole thing seems very forced, his fake website crap proves that. Plus, more and more evidence is coming out that he is literally paying shills to shill for him.

Andrew Yang’s 2020 run is showing surprising parallels to Lawrence Lessig’s run in 2016. Lessig ran as a Democrat on a platform centered on his “Citizen Equality Act” (making voting easier, ending gerrymandering, and publicly funding elections) and had widespread support from numerous celebrities, notably J. J. Abrams, Krist Novoselic, and Ev Williams.

He also got completely shut out of debates and his name wasn’t included on most polls due to pressure from the DNC.

Even if Yang ended up on a debate stage it would be similar to the GOP debates of 2016 which had a “junior” debate with minor candidates. He won’t be alongside Bernie, Warren, and Harris, he will be next to also-rans like Pete Buttigieg (the openly gay a Mayor of South Bend), Tulsi Gabbard (who is getting hammered for daring to question US foreign policy), and Julian Castro. most polling companies will not even bother to ask about their popularity, and as such they will struggle to gain traction.

The DNC did everything they could in 2016 to coronate Hillary Clinton, and they will do the same for any of their chosen new crop of “woke” Senators. The left aren’t interested in ideas, they are interested in raw power.

Yang Gang Exposed

Centralizing the infographics here.

Who are these ■■■■■■■■

A bunch of inorganic forced memes appeared almost overnight and suddenly flooded every nationalist space on the internet. The memes are more or less a re-hash of the astroturfed Trump memes that plagued boards from 2016-7. Dogshit and reddit-tier

Who is Yang?

Some gook democrat who mentioned white people in one interview, addressed automation and a problem, and said that he will give Americans $1000 per month UBI. He’s also a gun grabber, philosemite, ■■■■■■ lover and all of the other stuff that every (((politician))) is.

This part is important:

In 2018, Yang explained that by giving Americans $1000 per month, he could “alleviate stress levels” and “prevent lashing out” and the spread of “hateful messages and ideas”

So how does this translate to whites?

They’re stressed about being genocided by ■■■■■■ What is lashing out? Resisting genocide. What are “hateful messages and ideas”? Spreading awareness of white genocide.

Discord shilling

There is an organized, co-ordinated shill campaign coming out of discord and elsewhere aiming to hit major “right wing” (perceived MAGApede) and nationalist areas of the internet, capitalizing on hatred people have for Blumpf due to his betrayals which were entirely predictable to everyone but the lowest IQ NPCs

RadicalMedia LLC

Yangs Chief of Staff, Carly, belongs to this international, highly acclaimed marketing and publicity company with offices in Shanghai and other places across the globe. She manages the campaign, Discord shills claim there’s no affiliation between Radicalmedia and Yang Gang, yet also state that any criticism of Yang Gang should be directed to Carly of Radicalmedia.She’s also a feminist and a zionist, but what else could one expect?

One thing is certain: the shilling is obviously an organized operation. Are they paid? Any suspicious connections?


1000 bucks a month to over 300 million Americans might just exhaust the System. Sounds like a great idea to me. Let’s burn this bitch to the ground and accelerate the collapse.

inb4 people calling themselves conservatives attack this - you have conserved nothing - time to start over.

A thousand bucks a month? What’s that going to pay for, besides not even my monthly mortgage? lol

I remember when I worked seasonal construction I used to put in my notice to quit when I reached $12,000. That was more than enough to keep me in beer and happiness for a year. :wink:

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