Andrew McCarthy: FBI Russia investigation was always about Trump

They were out to get him, arguably to make an example of him. I wish he’d make examples of them.

Here’s something that I can’t believe doesn’t get mentioned more often about the Mueller investigation. As far as we know, all roads lead back to the Trump dossier. This formed the initial basis for the investigation, this is where the allegations of Russian collusion started, this is what led to the warrants, this is what lead to an informant being placed in the Trump campaign. But there’s a problem, a big fucking problem. Does anyone even recall who broke the Trump dossier to the public? Potentially ground-zero of what could impeach a sitting president, of what opened our eyes to foreign actors undermining the greatest democracy in the world, truly a monumental political and national event, perhaps the greatest of our lifetime.
It was fucking Buzzfeed that released the dossier. Buzzfeed, which relatively makes cancer look quite appealing, the biggest piece of trash ever conceived broke the dossier. This can’t be right. How does the dossier bypass all other press institutions and end up at Buzzfeed. Keep in mind, not only would the dossier had to have gone over the heads of American press, but British press as well since it was allegedly a British agent that compiled it. I can’t comprehend this. I’ve thought of the following scenarios:

  1. Someone who had access to the dossier shopped it around, Buzzfeed was willing to pay the most for it, they were the highest bidder and got it. This seems really unlikely given that absolutely everyone wanted a hit piece on Trump and Buzzfeed is a small shitty news publisher.

  2. Something similar to the Drudge Report breaking the Clinton affair. At the time no one got their news from the internet and a tiny website broke one of the biggest stories of the 90’s. Apparently everyone in the press knew for a long time about Clinton having an affair with a 18 year old intern. But if the allegations were incorrect it would be so damaging to the network/publication that broke it that no one wanted to bite on it. It was so well known that it eventually ended up at the Drudge report.

  3. Fuckery is afoot. The dossier is likely bogus and was strategically given to the only institution in world that literally has a worse reputation than ebola. Buzzfeed who has zero journalistic integrity, receives and reports the dossier without doing any due diligence, they have nothing to loose. The dossier is now public knowledge, this allows other networks to report it, but ultimately they won’t be held accountable if the dossier is bullshit. This also prevents the possibility of the media colluding with the previous administration. Russian collusion is put in the American conscience, this starts the call for an investigation. The tracks are beginning to be covered, the informant in the Trump is now justified.

  4. We are living in end times. The dossier is legitimate and accurate and Buzzfeed broke it. A sitting president is impeached. Buzzfeed surpassed all other press and played a pinnacle role in one of the greatest events of our lifetimes. We should probably all just end ourselves before the horsemen show up.