And they say Biden is nuts: Trump denounces Israel abroad and the Constitution at home

What will it take for supporters of former President Donald Trump to realize the man is depraved and perhaps demented?

In the past week, he has, on one front, given verbal aid to Hezbollah terrorists and, on another front, told a court he has no duty to “support” the Constitution .

This is at least the second time Trump has said he isn’t bound by the Constitution. His comments praising the world’s evildoers, meanwhile, have been too numerous to count.

Trump’s court filing on the Constitution was astonishing. Responding to a meritless lawsuit in Colorado that claims he has legally disqualified himself from running again for the presidency, Trump didn’t merely offer the obvious rejoinder that no court has come close to finding that he broke laws against “insurrection.” Instead, he went further, well into loony land.

In a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, Trump and his lawyers asserted that language in the 14th Amendment applying to federal officials who swore to “support” the Constitution does not apply to him. “The Presidential oath … requires the President to swear to ‘preserve, protect, and defend’ the Constitution,” they wrote, “not to ‘support the Constitution.’”

Really. As if there is a serious legal distinction in such cases between “support” and “preserve, protect, and defend.” Next thing you know, he’ll argue that even if “chewing” is forbidden, “ mastication ” is still allowed, or if “jogging” is forbidden somewhere, “running” is still perfectly OK.

Even putting definitional sophistry aside, here is a former president arguing, in a court document, that presidents are not legally required to support the Constitution. The mind reels. One might as well tell an air pilot that he isn’t legally required to land his plane.

This isn’t the first instance of Trump saying the nation’s foundational charter doesn’t apply to him. Last December, he said on social media that combating allegedly massive election fraud “allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.” Set aside his flat-out lie about election fraud big enough to have changed election results in enough states for him to have won reelection: What’s worse is Trump’s assertion that the remedy for such alleged fraud can take place outside of the Constitution’s requirements for due process of law. He essentially was calling either for anarchy or dictatorship or for the first en route to the second.

On a human and fundamentally moral level, though, Trump’s insistence that he is above the Constitution, awful as it is, still isn’t as bad as compliments for Hezbollah terrorists and 24 hours of repeated criticisms of Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Even in the context of a riff in which Trump was criticizing the Biden administration, it was diplomatically abhorrent that Trump twice called Hezbollah “very smart.” It was, however, part of a continuing series of Trump expressing admiration for the world’s worst evildoers, as he repeatedly has called Chinese President Xi Jinping “brilliant” and other extravagant compliments , said he “fell in love ” with murderous North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un, and has rained so much praise on Russian thug Vladimir Putin, on so many occasions, that it’s tough to keep track.

As for Israel and Netanyahu, Trump blasted Israel not just once but repeatedly, even as it was mourning its more than 1,000 people killed by Hamas terrorists. Not only was Israel “not prepared,” he said, but its defense minister is “a jerk” and Netanyahu “let us down” somehow by not joining in Trump’s precision-missile strike that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani in 2020.

The complaint itself is outlandishly illogical. Why would the United States need Israel, or anybody, to help the U.S. launch a basic drone strike? And why would the U.S. want Israel’s help when other Muslim nations were largely united against Iran’s mullahs but might have felt impelled to react vociferously against the operation if it were seen as ■■■ vs. Muslim? And why would Israel even have considered involvement when it was having success at the time in establishing relations with five of its Arab neighbors? And what does any of that have to do with this month’s attacks from Hamas?

Even setting logic aside, this was an outrageously harmful time for Trump to vent his vendetta against Netanyahu, whose real sin against Trump seems to be that he made a diplomatically routine call congratulating Joe Biden for being elected president. When close U.S. ally Israel faces a near-existential threat, with its women raped and babies beheaded, it isn’t just ill advised but monstrous for a recent U.S. president to undermine faith in Israel’s leadership.

With each passing week, Trump acts increasingly unhinged and unmoored from any semblance of decency. He is an elderly, word-slurring, rage-filled disgrace. And unlike what he claimed about Hezbollah, he no longer sounds the slightest bit smart.


Your oozing TDS from every pore. What a freaking bunch of nonsense. Take a pill.

Explain what constitutes “verbal aid”

The Biden administration has advised Israel to delay a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip,

The Biden administration warned Israel against trying to annex parts of the West Bank

Biden warned Israel against occupying Gaza in one of his most notable public calls for restraint as the Israelis respond to this month’s terror attacks by Hamas.

Not a word about the people murdered or taken hostage by Hamas the government in the west bank.

Verbal aid!

I don’t think the Biden administration is in any position to advise Israel.

Right, nothing is said about the people killed by 1,000 bombs Israel drops in one day.

Trump said years ago that Obama created ISIS.
Israel created Hamas.

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Anyone not agreeing with the total annihilation of Palestine in the USA is asked to leave , those in Ivy league colleges , protestors supporting Palestine are ALL ostracized . If you had any doubt who really runs this Country now you know !

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Donors VOLUNTARILY give money to colleges and if they dont like the students protests and the colleges response, they can DONATE their money to another
school such as HILLSDALE COLLEGE a NON GOVERNMENT funded school.
All things aside, some of these SPOILED , SELF CENTERED BRATS need to know what its like to ACTUALLY WORK their way through college and not to be able to go Florida or San Padre Island on spring break. It may make their feet touch earth for a change.
Maybe this is what some of these Liberal institutions like the Ivy League, Stanford , Univ of Cal etc need.

Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee and Harvard Graduate Students for Palestine affirm the above Joint Statement by Harvard Palestine…
The “apartheid regime is the only one to blame,” the statement added. “Israeli violence has structured every aspect of Palestinian existence for 75 years.”
The letter was rebuked by some on social media, including former Harvard president Larry Summers, who was Treasury secretary in the Bill Clinton administration. What fucking surprise SLICK WILLIE !!!
The eight institutions that make up the Ivy League enjoy endowments totaling $140 billion, yet the federal government has allocated nearly $54 million to the wealthy private schools as part of the recent CARES Act.

The joos you support …
The top United Nations human rights official condemned the expanded Israeli operations in Gaza, saying the bombardment and incursions have taken the crisis to “a new level of violence and pain.”

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk’s comments came in a statement Saturday as Gaza remained cut off from the outside world following a communication blackout. Turk said U.N. workers on the ground in Gaza lost contact with the agency.

He said the communication blackout has added to the misery and suffering of civilians in the Palestinian territory, with ambulances and civil defense teams no longer able to locate the wounded.

"The humanitarian and human rights consequences will be devastating and long-lasting,” Turk said. “Given the manner in which military operations have been conducted until now, in the context of the 56-year-old occupation, I am raising alarm about the possibly catastrophic consequences of large-scale ground operations in Gaza and the potential for thousands more civilians to die.”

Hamas started the war to divide the world which they have successfully done Foolish Americans have fallen for it.

Are you really stupid enough to believe anything Rump says???
Hamas was established in 1987, and has its origins in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood movement, which had been active in the Gaza Strip since the 1950s and gained influence through a network of mosques and various charitable and social organizations. In the 1980s the Brotherhood emerged as a powerful political factor, challenging the influence of the PLO and in 1987 adopted a more nationalist and activist line under the name of Hamas. During the 1990s and early 2000s, the organization conducted numerous suicide bombings and other attacks against Israel.

TDS??? Hardly, I recognize the flaws in Rump. The consummate liar supreme and big mouth that can’t shut up.

Lo and behold. Hamas has brought the Muslim world (eternally divided and divisive) together.

I’m not really paying attention to him lately. What is he saying?

That’s exactly what Israel wanted. Israel and Qatar paid for its creation.

If your family member(s) are killed by the Israelis for no reason, anybody will want to attack Israel. Call it rage, revenge or whatever. Human psychology is the same everywhere.

It was Hamas who started the current problem, where are the 224 kidnapped Israeli’s? Why is it you fail to mention the people murdered by Hamas?

Hamas was established in 1987, and has its origins in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood movement, which had been active in the Gaza Strip since the 1950s and gained influence through a network of mosques and various charitable and social organizations.

Apparently you agree with Hamas starting what could be WW3.

You said that and brought the big mouth into the conversation.

Why do you fail to mention that many (Don’t ask me how many) Israelis were killed by the Israeli gunfire. (Supressed news)
Israeli tanks fired on the houses in the kibbutz, knowing perfectly well that it would kill Israelis as well. The Israeli army knows that they can blame the Hamas anyway.

Hamas is Israel’s controlled opposition. It’s the Neocons who want WWIII. Haven’t you noticed anything in and surrounding Ukraine?
It was the Necons who started the rhetoric about using nukes against Russia, not the Russian military.

Refresh my memory. I haven’t quoted Trump for a long time. I quoted whoever who quoted Trump.
It was not just Trump who said Israel created ISIS and Hamas.

[Why is Israel trying to HIDE this hostage interview? | Redacted News - YouTube

I find it interesting that Israel is invaded by Hamas and they randomly kill innocent women and children as well as take women and children hostage. Israel retaliates and you go ballistic claiming Israel is at fault.

The Palestinian militants behind the surprise weekend attack on Israel began planning the assault at least a year ago, with key support from Iranian allies who provided military training and logistical help as well as tens of millions of dollars for weapons, current and former Western and Middle Eastern intelligence officials said Monday.
Tehran’s years-long ambition to surround Israel with legions of paramilitary fighters armed with increasingly sophisticated weapons systems capable of striking deep inside the ■■■■■■ state.

In recent years, Hamas has benefited from massive infusions of Iranian cash as well as technical help for manufacturing rockets and drones with advanced guidance systems, in addition to training in military tactics some of which occurred in camps outside Gaza, the officials said.

Tehran has boasted publicly about the huge sums in military aid provided to Hamas in recent years.

The leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh**,** acknowledged in an interview last year that his group received $70 million in military assistance from Iran. According to a State Department report from 2020, Iran provides about $100 million annually to Palestinian terrorist groups, including Hamas

The Palestinians elected Hamas to run their government.

Israeli tanks fired on the houses in the kibbutz where they knew there were Israeli citizens, according to Israeli survivor.

Israel has been capturing small Arab children and taking them hostage at random locations.

Where’s the link from a reputable source???