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They should send these idiots to quatar and see how they like protesting there


Not everyone agrees with genocide .

This is messed up! Our country is no longer if these invaders are allowed to continue disrespecting our history. Conflicted!


The cops used to knock skulls with clubs and usually it stopped. Maybe that is what they need to do to get these simps to stop!

And when the lawsuits come the taxpayers are the victims AGAIN !!!

Rules can be suspended! Democrats did by ignoring the law.

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And not everyone gave their life for their country. We are about there where no one wants to be in the military.

I never “wanted” to be in the military. I missed the draft registration by a few years. If I was eligible for the draft and selected… I would have gone.The military never appealed to me. I salute everyone that has and is serving… it just wasn’t/isn’t for me.

Doesn’t everyone at a certain age have to register for “Selective service”? Or did they do away with that? I don’t remember if they did or didn’t but I remember I had to register when I turned 18.

Who must register for Selective Service

Almost all men who are 18-25 years old and live in the United States must register for Selective Service. This includes:

  • U.S. citizens (U.S. born, dual citizens, and naturalized)
  • U.S. citizens who live outside of the country
  • Immigrants (legal permanent residents and undocumented immigrants)
  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Transgender people who were assigned male gender at birth
  • People with disabilities
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Have to wonder why it exists today.

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Just look at what Biden and the demoRATS are getting involved in of late, it wouldn’t be any surprise to see us in a war with Iran , or worst China !!
The United States is a heartbeat away from a world war that it could lose. There are serious conflicts requiring U.S. attention in two of the world’s three most strategically important regions. Should China decide to launch an attack on Taiwan, the situation could quickly escalate into a global war on three fronts, directly or indirectly involving the United States. The hour is late, and while there are options for improving the U.S. position, they all require serious effort and inevitable trade-offs. It’s time to move with real urgency to mobilize the United States, its defenses, and its allies for what could become the world crisis of our time.