Analysis of Ukraine situation by a professional

Ukraine military has already been defeated.
Russia did what it had to do. Russia had no choice.
NATO has proven to be useless.
Next, China’s invasion of Taiwan is inevitable.

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The one thing that I will say, is people who claim that China is going to invade Taiwan by military force simply don’t know the Chinese nor China for that matter. I don’t think they need to for several reasons.

  1. Its to China’s advantage to keep Taiwan as a western state. This latter part is using the illusion that Taiwan operates autonomously and remains a sovereignty with western values. Most of the motives of China when it comes to keeping the status quo is based purely on economics. China can money launder using Taiwan as a conduit while keeping western allies guessing. Another aspect is using Taiwan as a trade partner with the US thus giving China the ability to exploit the US economy by proxy. (See the previous NAFTA agreement to understand this point on a more Micro level)

  2. China’s approach is not measured with timelines and deadlines. Their plan is scores ahead than any western country can think of, and thus they don’t have to fire a single shot nor invade when economics will simply integrate Taiwan through normalized relations based on cultural identities and economic interests through a longer period of time. War is costly, and China’s approach is simple, use patience to spend and invest wisely. If China were to invade Taiwan, it would be so costly that it could quite possibly destroy what they have been building, which is not the CHINESE MO.

  3. China is happy to use Taiwan to sabre rattle the west and use it as a distraction, while they continue to solidify the Belt and road initiatives as well as making deals with foreign countries such as the Salomon Islands to act as an alliance supplanting US dominance in the Pacific.

Yes, it costs less to economically extort a country into submission.

That is right, and money is the name of the game. The US corporations is a fine illustration of their addictions and love of money where greed is being used against the US (Capitalism) to destroy it from within.

Ukraine killed its citizens and is blaming Russia.
Joo media in the west is doing its propaganda work.

When has NATO done anything ?

Bombed Serbia… for what?

Bombed Libya, so that African refugees could flood Europe.

Bombed Afghanistan, thousands of miles away from “North Atlantic.”

Im not trying to be Monte or argue but what evidence is there that Ukraine committed the atrocities.

The Russian military left the village/town in question on March 29 or 30 (I forgot) and the mayor said everything was in order.

Then the news about supposed massacre surfaced. How convenient.

Is Ukraine permitting autopsies to determine the time of deaths?

Which country is mass-producing fake news, Russia or Ukraine? (The Ghost of Kiev and other video games?)

What are the survivors of the Mariupol siege saying as to which army tried to kill them?

Here it goes.

Russians retreat on March 30.
Mayor celebrates liberation on March 31. Nothing said about the dead.
Photos of streets. No dead bodies. April 1.
Special Ukrainian forces clean the village. April 2.
Start of narrative. Russians did it. April 3.
Western leaders announce further sanctions against Russia. April 3 (already prepared)

Additionally, dead bodies are moving as seen on side mirrors of the vehicle

Historians are puzzled at how Mosul Iraq, a city of 3 million, was flattened twice by American airstrikes in 2003 and 2017, without a single photograph of dead bodies ever being published.

Young Ukrainian POWs (from Kiev, Lvov, and a small locality I couldn’t hear) already found an employment with the Donetsk People’s Army in Mariupol.

Just like Putin said, Russia and its allies are not fighting against the Ukrainian people.