An insight into a Liberal's love life

Yes, I know, do you even want to look?

I don’t think you people truly know what Liberals are up to these days in their big cities.
Let’s just say they’ve been taking “Progressive” to a whole new level.

I think I could guess with a pretty high rate of accurate confidence that this guy lives in either New York City, Seattle, or somewhere along the Western coast of California, most likely San Francisco or Los Angeles.

This story came from Reddit:

I’m a straight guy who had anal sex with his gay friend. AMA!!

I’ve always been open to everything and I’m very comfortable in my sexuality. My girlfriend and I decided to open our relationship a couple of months ago and I never thought I’d be experimenting with guys as a result.
We both love this arrangement. My girlfriend has loads of new boyfriends who should meets up at night. I love it because I feel like they take care of one part of the relationship and I can take care of the other part of the relationship. After visiting her boyfriends, we usually just cuddle up and watch Netflix until late at night!
My girlfriend noticed that I wasn’t getting much action since we opened up our relationship so she suggested I try our male friend. At first I was shocked but I realized that it kinda made sense. He’s a Somalian immigrant who we’ve befriended a year ago.
I think another reason I was able to take the plunge was because my girlfriend also had sex with him before one drunken night and she assured me that he’s very gentle and loving. So I did the deed and I’ve got to say I quite liked it.
I’ll admit that it does hurt a bit (I was receiving) but let’s just say there are ways of mitigating the pain
My girlfriend was right, he’s a very passionate lover. I actually found the kissing to be the hardest thing to accept and not the anal sex. But over time I grew to like it.
I’m thinking of doing it again. The point being is that we shouldn’t be scared of opening ourselves up sexually. It was a great experience. Anyway, AMA!!

Good Grief :man_facepalming:

I don’t believe this is as atypical as many of you might assume.

I live in a pretty liberal area myself, and this story doesn’t really seem too far off from the type of thing many liberal guys are doing around here.

Guess committed loving relationships with only one sex partner at a time is sooo 3 decades ago, in the modern progressive’s world.

In a couple more years, this stuff will probably be normal amongst the younger generation.

Call me old fashioned; but I do love real women. Gay sex, well, here’s the old adage: “You do not use an exit as an entrance”. That being said, why would any rational thinking man wish to shove his penis into a shit filled colon? I guess the key term is “rational thinking”.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rational thinking definition

Rational thinking is a thought process which involves reasoning and logic . It usually gives reasons behind the thought rather than just blurting the reason out. This means rational thinking often provides much more detailed answered which are also more reliable.