An Important Message from Lana Lokteff: I Quit. They Won

I have not read what you pretend to see in the posts. I just think that to achieve what you want, you will have to do what the globalists and leftists did… get an education, work to achieve positions of leadership, and then make the changes you want.

Associating with and supporting uneducated people who live in the conspiracy theory world is gonna get you nothing but the globalist jackboot up your ass.

“Spreading the word” and “freedom of speech” won’t get you anything if your speech is nonsense that cannot be proven or -especially- if it has been proven false to the satisfaction of reasonable educated and normal people.
The nonsense with calling people names that mean nothing to them- like shabbot goy or whatever crazy words you use - if they don’t buy your conspiracy theories will seal the deal for normal people. They would rather live with normal non-Europeans than with european crazy lunatics. You will have a whole army of retards and mentally ill people seeing ■■■■ in their closets. That is not going to get you where you want to go.

But of course, you will see my words as evidence of a big conspiracy too… as evidence of agents of some notorious “Hasbara” sent here to stop you. Fucking lunatics.


All your doing by making accusatory statements of people who are being critical is promoting another victim class! Today’s demographics is a result of past causes! If the white race didn’t spend centuries killing each other ( see the Germans starting with Fredrick the Great) in endless wars across the European continent then maybe whites today wouldn’t be complaining they are the victims of white genocide doing so is only a defeatist attitude! Let’s face it, whites becoming the minority is nobody’s fault but their own because they fallen under the spell of complacency! Go start having babies, start getting into positions of power, and silently promote your cause! In other words stop bitching and rise above the fray, as bitching only invites the ones who seek for your extinction to assail upon your race, your ideas, your values!

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Sterling video Lana, I hope you are right about our future.

The global movement is about three decades young or more. Now that the money bags are coming out we can pinpoint our enemies. Take Soro’s for example. A couple years back his name was a casual mention to the left who denied even hearing of his name. Right. I had the pleasure of viewing him in an interview. The reporter asked him straight out - “do you have any guilt about taking the possessions of the ■■■■ during the holocaust? This is how you acquired your wealth.” He affirmed “I have no guilt whatsoever.”

His temper flared when questioned about President Trump. “I will destroy that man down if I have to spend every penny I have”. He has about 300 or so 501 3c’s throughout the US to help him. He’s also built up cushions with Antifa, etc. All was in place to have HRC ascend the throne when Trump pulled out the rug.

To me the scary part is how 150 million American’s believe this globalist shit. If it takes American’s a while to wake up, that’s ok as long as we do! We’re turning our economy around. Our allies witnessed what American’s can do and they want some of the good stuff too.

I like Lana and her positive attitude (how refreshing) . I will explore Red Ice, Thank you.