An Essay on American Nationalism

There is, sadly, a tendency in America for Americans to LARP as German Nazis or Italian Fascists. Really, this is something that needs to come to an end.

German National Socialism was functional in Germany because it was built for and around Germans. Likewise, Italian Fascism was made for Italians. Thus, we see in both the influence of Nordicism and Romanism, and it was much the same for Mosley’s BUF, and Codreanu’s Iron Guard. These are the custom tailored outfits of very specific cultures and, regardless of the influences those cultures had on America, those outfits are never going to fit quite right, so don’t even bother trying to put them on. White Americans are of Europe, but they are not European. Think of yourself less as a branch of that tree, and more as a sapling that sprang from its roots, “Little Europe” if you will. You’re young, but you have a great start.

You are the descendants of men and women who were brave enough to leave behind everything they knew and risk death in one of the most isolated, remote and dangerous corners of the world. Disease, hostile natives and dangerous wildlife, some of it unknown to Europe at the time, all abounded, and they had only what they brought with them and what they could scrape together from natural materials; many did not even survive the trip over the Atlantic Ocean. Until the late 18th/early 19th century, there was a genuine fear that the European settlers would simply join the Native tribes as a survival tactic and in fact, some actually did but not most; most of them just died and yet the survivors held on, dug in and built in only two hundred years, a world power.

You are the descendants of pioneers who turned a howling wilderness into a country, often against incredible odds. Most people have no idea how truly bleak one’s chances of long term survival could be on the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, or the Mojave Desert.

From nothing to Global Superpower in two short centuries. My God!

I’m not sure any nation in history has pulled that off. Even Kublai Khan couldn’t take Japan, but America sure as hell did, and they burned it to the ground, too.

Why on Earth would you want to LARP, when you already have such great things to look back on?

American history is filled with historical examples of what your burgeoning culture can become, if you, the Nationalists can take the helm before the progressives send you into a reef. Andrew Jackson, Father Charles Coughlin, William Pelley, Francis Yockey, George Lincoln Rockwell, Jeremy Heath; these are men to remember and invoke. Build your Fascist movement around the country you are in, not the one your ancestors left behind. Never stop moving forward, because for an American to cease being a pioneer at heart is to die the worst death.


What a great and uplifting perspective. You’re right. There is so much to be proud of. The accomplishments of those who came before us are something to be celebrated. That’s why we have to fight against the destruction of our history and our values. We have to force our leaders to do as we say. We need to deport every single invader without exception.

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The current American establishment wants very hard to be the new Roman Empire.

I say that they did a very good job, they intervened in other countries under the excuse of « freedom » –civilization– instead of attending their own problems, and are now culturally collapsing, being invaded by barbarians and with half of the world waiting for its death so they can tear its corpse apart.

Zionist America has made itself hated all over the world, whatever comes to replace it must not fall for the same. The stereotype of an American is a loud but friendly man who always finds a solution to any problem, not a kosher puppet with deliriums of grandeur.

If I remember correctly Americans had a distaste for Europeans, even during the early 20th century. I think that the worship of Europeans comes from right-wing groups in the post-glory America trying to find something to be proud of.

Shame, reminds me a lot of the Argentinians, you will hear them telling you that they are « German » or « Italian », as if being Argentinian is not good enough. This is a text-book inferiority complex, something we must be very careful with and eliminate ASAP.

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I think it’s something very different in America. From my experience as a Midwesterner, a lot of Americans seem to be under the illusion that they genuinely don’t have a culture and that what used to be called “American Culture” is now the culture of the world and belongs to everyone. Thus, when they’re in search of an identity greater than themselves at best they fall into something like evangelism or mimicing their ancestral culture (Irish, German, etc) and at worst (and more commonly) they fall into a kind of pop-culture fetishism that turns their entire identity into one of consumption.

A genuine and unique Americana needs to be resurrected to fix this problem.

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They aren’t wrong. America’s shift from an agrarian society to an industrial superpower led to the death of America’s culture, replaced by our current (((consumer culture))). In places like the South there is a definable culture that can reemerge, but where I live now on the East Coast and in a lot of other parts of the North are completely severed from any culture. They are just cosmopolitan shitholes, I really don’t know what “Northern” culture is or how it could return…

That’s one of the problems with saying “American culture.” We are so vast that the differing regions have completely different cultures and identities.

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It sounds like you live in a city or a suburb of a city. Each city used to have their own unique culture in the Northeast. If you want to talk about “Northern” culture then that is definitively New England and if you can’t identify the uniqueness of New England culture then you aren’t getting out much.

That sounds a bit patronizing. Perhaps if these brave Europeans hadn’t came to the America’s with the attitude that they found something that belonged to no one, theirs free for the taking, the natives may have been more benevolent…

Like they frequently were to each other?

I think the USA is in a unique position where it thrived without government generally speaking and adopted hyper individualistic and state-free ecosystem due to its unique history and geography.

For example, American attitude in Germany would collapse (some may even argue such mentality would’ve blocked the formation of unified German state). America is truly a blessed nation where capital is easy to generate due to lack of existential threats, vast resources, land, and fertile regions, cheap transportation and easy access to world markets, etc.

In this system, the main goal of the society is not necessarily to build a competent government; they just can’t fuck up and it’s all ok.

Which explains their social psyche and their broken state system.

They say checking balance of power but I say they handicapped the state to the point it can’t do anything effectively.

It’s like saying we can’t trust each other so we’re gonna both break our arms.

This is not optional in many other parts of the world where lack of government intervention could cause turmoil to the society and even threaten the existence of the state itself.

Don’t you think it’s a bit disingenuous to think a nation that dropped one of the most anti-unitarian state systems, the articles of confederation for something more centralized? Of course in its own way it corrected the abuses of individual states so that individuals in fact had more freedom with the Constitution but we notice America goes through periods of being relatively more libertarian and authoritarian tends to go with living conditions, as we see with a man like FDR who took massive power for his time, where the American federal government assumed new and powerful roles in the nation’s economy. Though this control isn’t surrendered, you see Lincoln as the bigger power grab before him.

To me it seems that America increasingly increases the power of the state as its necessary and kind of doesn’t go back…welfare would have been unthinkable in 1793, and now we couldn’t cut it off without 5 billion heart attacks.

The American social psyche itself is quite interesting, you’ll note the increasing idea of positive rights instead of negative rights, what the government should let others let you do or give you, rather than what the government shouldn’t do to you. I.E this is in the sense of discrimination, we force it in both a positivist and negative sense in that we say you have the right to not be discriminated against by others, and the government hasn’t the right to do it to you. Positive rights are integral to many communitarian ideologues. You note this growth in America in social security programs, public works programs, and laws limiting such things as pollution (right to a clean and safe environment).

It’s probably a dumb take but it’s one I’m making in under 5 minutes and I might append to later.

Also in terms of lack of government intervention, both American parties do plenty of that, in the case of the Democrats… what is Obama bailing out the banks and the automakers? To the Trump Republicans what is interventionist trade policy now with a tariff fetish?

Unfortunately, despite the discipline of religion, and all its platitudes, humans are hostile towards one another. It’s just odd, maybe telling, that native Americans will to this day be referred to as the hostiles while the sophisticated, educated and advanced white folk meeting them with often genocidal approach and broken promise after broken promise seem to be the passive ones.

Well no I guess not, a country half a dozen years old was still figuring out how to have a postal service and a road from New York to Philadelphia that didn’t take a week to traverse. But we’re not going to go backward. Social services and safety nets are always needed and will always be abused by some…

Those who have advanced weaponry will always enjoy both the writing of history, and the righteous place in it. That said, native Americans were hardly the noble gents modern Hollywood makes them out to be. A history prof. once explained that captured women and children were brought into the victorious tribe; the men were burned alive and expected to sing of their great deed in life.

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Well that’s certainly odd, not only were they not often noble, it’s from my days growing up watching Hollywood movies that I was informed of their wretched and hostile ways and heard that only a dead Indian was s good Indian.

Anyway, it’s unmerited that when discussing the migrants to the America’s and the natives thereof, that the natives should always be the hostile ones.

Disingenuous? No. It’s about recognizing that a nation the size of America stopped pretending to be a young country and slowly embraced itself for what it is; an empire. Empire gets a bad rap. Empowerment of individual is not necessarily what made America where it is now per se; a nation of such magnitude, wealth, cheap capital, etc can afford to get along together with minimum policing and which used to be able to assimilate immigrants so effortlessly, and make them fight and die like a local, without much social engineering made America such a monstrous power.

There has never been a nation like USA, nor there will be anytime soon. I don’t see what point you’re making though. Your statements seem to be merely just what America is now… slow transition into more centralized nation. However, that can be disputed. Obviously you can say it’s more centralized relatively speaking but America is clearly still very divided in terms of power.

I didn’t say anything about that or even use the word in the post you quoted…:man_shrugging:

I have an issue with the following.

It was the ■■■■■■ banks that financed the Nazi regime.

His main purpose was to get rid of excess Chinese troops from Southern Sung which he had conquered. Thus it was secondary that these troops he sent off actually succeeded or failed militarily. He never wanted to see them again. That’s why these Chinese troops were sent with agricultural tools. They were never to return to China (now part of Mongol Empire).

Jackson “killed the bank.”
That’s the issue Trump is facing now. He knows the Fed is the rootcause of the evil that brought America down.

Absolutely true statement. Military bases in over 100 countries to defend Israel and dead American soldiers in Lebanon and Iraq, etc., where they had no business being to begin with

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I’m going to need to see a shred of evidence that Trump understands such things.

Whether Andrew Jackson really said “You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God, I will rout you out” or not, it’s plain to see that the banksters that run America by way of the Fed are the problem.

That’s why Trump is going after the Fed.