An 8-year-old boy paid off the lunch debt for his entire school by selling key chains

Gotta love those asians and their child labor, why haven’t they learned the superiority of the western world where we just let our kids stuff their faces and watch marvel movies until suddenly they’re in their mid 20s and aren’t capable of doing a damn thing?

You may have heard of celebrities or multibillion-dollar companies donating money to cover students’ lunch debt. But Keoni Ching from Vancouver, Washington, is just your normal 8-year-old who wanted to help his schoolmates.

With his handmade key chains that go for $5 each, Keoni raised $4,015 to erase the lunch debt of students from his school and six others.

It all started because Keoni wanted to do something special for “Kindness Week” at his school, Benjamin Franklin Elementary. With his mother, April, and father, Barry, by his side, Keoni thought about projects that would truly reflect kindness.

Keoni was ultimately inspired by San Francisco 49ers player Richard Sherman. The cornerback, who previously played for the Seattle Seahawks, donated more than $27,000 to cover students’ lunch debt. Keoni, for the record, is a Miami Dolphins fan, he said.

Keoni said he decided to make key chains because, “I love key chains. They look good on my backpack.”

What the fuck is a “lunch debt”

Most schools make those who don’t qualify for free lunches to pay for them. This would be ok if all schools allowed outside lunches to be brought in, but some schools have made up BS excuses(allergens could be spread, better lunches might make some kids jealous, someone bringing in a crap lunch could make them feel bad in front of others, etc) in a good number of areas to prevent that lately.

I always packed my own lunch.

Fuck lunch debt, and the lunch line.

I was just trying to eat and get to class during my lunch time. At least in elementary school there was recess, in high school, I would smoke cigarettes outside.

How is it debt if there’s no loan agreement? It would seem gifting if kids aren’t paying but still eating….now I read it’s collateralized by withholding extracirricular access, such as to school dances, etc, pending payment….getting very close to constitutional implications.

In the land of the free even the children are in debt for their lunch lol.

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While nice and all, the students will likely rack up more debts in time……also the fact schools make kids PAY to eat at what are essentially a country’s indoctrination/loyalty training camps(with some basic skills thrown in so people aren’t too retarded and can do basic tasks & work the crap jobs) is BS imo.

My grandma was a chef. I brought Brioche, pate at least once a week. On off days, it was smoked tongue with horseradish & home made rye bread sandwiches. Cheesecake for desert. I did share.

Cleaning Schools. Japanese schools do not rely on janitors like American and European schools. The children themselves are expected to keep their school clean . Many students from an early age come to see cleaning their school clean as a duty.

It’s the “Land of the Free”, not “land of freebies”.