Amy Coney Barrett is Not a Conservative

The Cuban gal? ???

Sure. Maybe that was his pick all along.

It probably is Barrett but it would be classic Trump to pull a fast one.

That is a good point and probably closer to the truth.

I’ll bet he announces the pic before he said he would, to throw off whatever planned response the Left might have

This song is dedicated to Trump having the biggest balls of them all! :rofl:


I don’t think so. He is waiting until after all is finished with RBG on Friday, which is common decency.


She is very young and would be there for many years to come . She is on the short list . She is a WOMEN . She met with the president . Amy Barrett is not someone the Democrats can beat down in a confirmation hearing. In 2017, Barrett gracefully endured a grueling and even scandalous interrogation by Senate Democrats, a moment most Democrats would like to forget.
Amy who might be as judicially conservative as Ginsburg was liberal and that would cause progressives in the Senate to lose their collective minds.
She reflects the experience of ordinary Americans. Amy Barrett, 48, is the Wonder Woman candidate !

I’d go with Barbara Lagoa, but my real long-shot is Rushing

This guy hits on all the points that I suggested earlier and why Lagoa would be a such a brilliant move on Trump’s part. First Cuban woman nominated? The Latino vote is certainly in play for Trump and this nomination would not only garner more support for his base, but across party platforms as well! I certainly would be disappointed if he choose Barrett.

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Hah! As if anybody cares about common decency these days.

It has to be a woman for the sake of the election. A Hispanic woman would be perfect. what with his Hispanic poll numbers rising.

Seating a SC Judge should have nothing to do with sex or race. Qualifications and a history of rulings should be the primary factor.

The last thing I’d want is another Roberts on the court.

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In ordinary times I would agree with you 100%. These are not ordinary times. The danger to the Republic posed by a Biden win is far too grave to leave to any chance. Trump MUST win or the Republic is lost. Any edge MUST be taken advantage of.

Besides, she is plenty qualified.

So you read none of the decisions and take the twitter nonsense as the truth.

Great job.

The Constitution is no longer taken for granted, but has become a partisan issue at elite and press levels. Progressive activists now routinely denounce various parts of the Constitution that seem to them undemocratic, the Senate and the Electoral College especially threats to pack the Court.

Will Republicans defend the Constitution in our partisan struggle?

We can’t defend shit if the Republic is destroyed. A Biden win means the Republic is destroyed. Until November, winning comes first.

Judge Napolitano explains significance of Trump’s SCOTUS nominations

Congratulations to Judge Amy Coney Barrett!


Apparently - the “working mother” story about Amy Coney Barett is utter bullshit.

In a 2019 interview at Notre Dame Law School, Amy Coney Barrett, mother of seven, is asked the eternal question: “How do you do it?” She speaks of a supportive spouse, an equal partnership, a flexible workplace where she kept a basket of toys for her firstborn. Crucially, she also mentions her husband’s aunt, an unnamed woman who has evidently provided 16 years of what Barrett calls “consistent childcare in the home.” In the same interview Barrett cites the changing norms of her profession, greater numbers of women lawyers driving new family-friendly accommodations in law firms. Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmed her nomination to the Supreme Court, clearing the way to a Senate vote. If confirmed, she will be the fifth woman to ever serve the court.

When Barrett appeared on Capitol Hill for her Supreme Court confirmation hearing, she brought several of her children with her. Over and over the children were referenced approvingly, Barrett’s status as a working mother lauded by legislators on both sides of the aisle. Barrett introduced the children, both those present and those who remained at home (with “friends and fearless babysitters”), giving biographical details for each. Even confined to the audience, the children were very much part of the proceedings.

In America, seeing a woman bring her kids to the biggest moment of her professional life—hearing ancient senators laud her for the size of her family—feels not like progress, but like gaslighting . Barrett’s apparent dual success as a mother of many and a highly competent professional (her brief and alarming judicial record notwithstanding) cements the myth that childcare and work-life balance in America are essentially private and individual challenges to navigate—challenges that needn’t stop a woman from attaining the highest professional achievements…

There are commentators who have cited an interest in Barrett’s childcare arrangements as sexist. I want to know about her childcare arrangements not because I question whether they allow her to do her job but because I wonder how the rest of us are expected to do ours .

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Amy Coney Barrett is a climate change denier with family financial ties to the petroleum industry who has not recused in petroleum industry cases in the past. I can’t help but wonder if the lead sentence left out the “has not” that should have preceded “recused.”

Barrett has not recused herself in the past from cases involving the oil industry’s most powerful lobby group, the American Petroleum Institute, even though her father was an “active member” of the group’s subcommittee of exploration and production law as recently as 2016, and twice served as its chairman.