Amnesty International: “Disturbingly High Levels of Rape” in Nordic Countries Despite “Gender Equality”

I had to double check the URL to make sure this wasn’t satire.

Amnesty International is claiming that that rape is out of control in Scandinavia – and that this is the fault of the court system and “the white man’s culture” that we just got lectured by Joe Biden about.

Amnesty International:

Despite being among the top-ranking countries in the world in terms of gender equality, four Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) have disturbingly high levels of rape and survivors of sexual violence are being failed by their justice systems, Amnesty International said in a report published today .

Time for change: Justice for rape survivors in the Nordic countries reveals that flawed legislation and widespread harmful myths and gender stereotypes have resulted in endemic impunity for rapists across the region.

It is a paradox that Nordic countries, which have strong records of upholding gender equality, suffer shockingly high levels of rape ,” said Kumi Naidoo, Amnesty International’s Secretary General.

“Social stigma and a lack of trust in the justice system often mean that women and girls fail to report attacks, and those that do, are frequently failed by callous and prejudiced justice systems or outdated laws. One survivor told us she would never have reported her rape if she had known how she would have been be treated, and her story is typical in justice systems which are stacked against rape survivors .”

Whilst the situation facing survivors of rape is not uniform across the four Nordic countries, there are disturbing parallels among them whose criminal justice systems ignore, deny and tacitly condone sexual violence against women.

A first step towards protecting women and girls from rape is to adopt and effectively implement consent-based laws on sexual violence, and there has been some recent progress in this area. So far, Sweden is the only one of the four Nordic countries to have passed a consent-based law, but Denmark has recently announced that they support consent legislation, and in Finland the Ministry of Justice is preparing a complete reform of sexual crimes legislation, which aims to “strengthen the role of consent”.

So they’re actually saying that part of the reason rape statistics are high is that not enough people are being charged with rape because only Sweden has passed the Orwellian “consent” laws.

These laws allow women to claim after the fact that they didn’t enjoy sex, or were drunk, so the men raped them. Of course, no man can claim that he was raped by a fat girl who he wouldn’t have had sex with if he hadn’t been drunk, even though it is ostensibly the exact same thing.

Sweden’s rape rate is the highest in Europe. It isn’t clear how much of this is due to the “consent” laws meaning that any woman can charge any man with rape and how much of it is due to the fact that Sweden has the highest per capita rate of nonwhite immigration of any European country, but it is clear that both are a factor.


In actual fact, it appears that the almost entirely female government of Sweden passed these bizarro world “consent” laws in order to disguise the fact that immigrants were committing insane amounts of rape. With the “consent” hoax, they are able to just confuse the whole situation.

And that is just basic damage control by the Slut Occupation Government, hiding the damage that immigration is doing to their country from their population and from the world at large.


They obviously can’t hoax that white men are out shooting people, even though they are having record numbers of murders right along with the record numbers of rapes. But the rape issue is more of an emotional trigger than murders, and it is also more likely to be interracial, so it is more important to hoax.

But then to have Amnesty International come in and point at this situation and demand reform of the entire Scandinavian justice system and culture… this is clown world on steroids.


UN says Scandinavian nations are the happiest. Amnesty International says rape is out of control in Scandinavian nations. Logic says, rape makes women happy?


Import 3rd world people and become a 3rd world Nation.

Since Sweden opened its doors to immigrants rape in that country has absolutely skyrocketed…but it the females fault somehow??


Nordic men simply must be stopped! They don’t deserve their Nordic women the way they are endlessly raping them like this!! It’s an outrage! The UN must intervene to send all Nordic men to Africa and replace them with Nigerians who have utmost respect for white women and will treat them like the queens they are!!

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If they really wanted to resolve this problem, they would ban immigration and expel the rapists.They don’t and they won’t.

My Machiavellian solution is to kill all convicted rapists. The incidents of rape will diminish with each publicized execution.

That might end up looking like an ethnic genocide.

Rape is not an ethnicity. If one particular ethnicity is more inclined to rape, so be it. The targets are convicted rapists…regardless of ethnicity.