Ammo Lawsuit Against Cabelas Could Mean BIG Changes For Firearms Retailers

Cabela’s is extremely overpriced for ammo.

Hopefully… Before too long none of you will have to worry about buying anything :nerd_face:

Yeah including you! How is your gardening skills? I hope you have been educating yourself, because such skills is something you are going to need! :rofl:

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Buckle up, the recession the democrats wanted so desperately and instigated with the shutdowns to over throw this government is here and will worsen as COVID kicks in.

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It just sucks that such dick-heads have to ruin it for everybody else.

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One day thee will no longer be a united states as the left drives the wage of decisive politics further into the nations heart.

The upside is that the SCOTUS will no longer be a leftist rubber stamp.

When a Population is Disarmed: A Brief History of Tyranny :: 11/05/2017

  • 1911: Turkey; citizens disarmed – 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered
  • 1929: Russia; citizens disarmed – 20 million Russians murdered
  • 1935: China; citizens disarmed – 20 million Chinese killed
  • 1938: Germany; citizens disarmed – 6 million ■■■■ murdered
  • 1956: Cambodia; citizens disarmed – 1 million “intellectuals” killed

More items…

When A Population Is Disarmed: A Brief Hist……


Yeah, they’re coming for the ammo. Cabela’s ammo was always overpriced, anyway.
If I sell you a strip of nails for a nail gun, am I liable if you accidentally kill a co-worker with one?