Americans-Do you support a violent coup led by former president Trump on January 21, 2020 over unsubstantiated voting irregularities?

Trump Coup Acceptance Poll
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It’s not a coup if he actually won the election.


Hasn’t the left been operating a coup with fits and starts of violence over the past 4 years?


If the states certify the results legally then it would be a coup. Anyone joining in the insurrection would be considered a traitor which is punishable by death.,not%20less%20than%20%2410%2C000%3B%20and

But you leave out the actual coup that’s taken place against Trump. Why?

A coup doesn’t have to be bloody to be illegal.


Here moderate democrat Mayor Muriel Boswer’s Washington, DC police force misinformed MAGA supporters protesting imaginary voter fraud to walk through a BLM protest of imaginary systemic racism against blacks who, inevitably, attacked them.

This looks like the plutocracy pitting groups against groups as a eugenics scheme. People don’t fall for this. Wake up and stay home.

There is no vote fraud when you do not instigate it.

Suport a coup?

How about the split of the US is nearing every day, it won’t need support as the leftist cities and states become their own country.

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Imaginary voter fraud will remain the battle cry as no one from the left wants to investigate the allegations.

Kind of like you posting the words repeated over and over again from the hat filled left “We want every vote counted” as thy demand recounts end, fight against any attempt at investigating voter fraud.

Clearly you prefer not to reconcile every vote, was it valid? Was it submitted on time, were there irregularities.

Moderate ROTFLMAO.

DC mayor disregarded own COVID restrictions to attend Biden victory speech, defends ‘essential travel’ Delaware was on the list of “high risk” states the mayor’s office released last week.

Bowser also unveiled the newly minted “Black Lives Matter Plaza” near the White House in an apparent tribute to the protesters who have advocated against police brutality and racism in the city over the past several .

We don’t need a coup. We just need to start smashing you soy guzzling freaks in the mouth when you start throwing your temper tantrums in public.

Pretty sure we are tired of your BLM and Pantifa foot soldiers attacking innocent people and burning cities to the ground.

There is a legal process for secession that must be followed which involves getting 2/3 of the states to approve. The plutocrats love how easy people are to goad. They will play you if you fall for it and will try to get you killed. Open your eyes. Don’t be this dumb.

Yeah…why don’t you address the fact that BLM and Antifa are essentially the useful idiots of the globalist corporate elite. Biden is a puppet of China and the same globalist corporate elite who want to destroy this country and eliminate our sovereignty.

This is a board of peace. We only support the use of violence in Minecraft.

Your argument is a strawman. Funny how you avoided posting the definition of that.

No it’s not. So far no evidence of significant election fraud that would change the results has been found and it is a baseless claim. Biden is the USA’s legitimate president. There is no strawman.

You are leaving out the strawman you built about the use of violence and conducting a violent coup.


According to whom? Please explain.


My dad has worked with the Biden family for many years. He’s an estate attorney and has had them as clients and also worked with Joe on campaign stuff in the past. A reliable source in the family has told my dad that Joe had a stroke last night and is on life support in the hospital. They’re only allowing immediate family members in. Doctors are saying if he recovers the damage will be extensive. Nearly all motor function will be gone. He may never be able to speak again. They’re asking for prayer for the family while they decide what to do. My dad thinks taking him off life support and letting him pass in peace would be the most dignified and probably what Joe would want. I was told not to say anything but I can’t help myself so here it is.


I recommend that you read the rules. Fedposting, or trying to get others to fedpost, isn’t going to fly here.