Americans believe 2nd Amendment was for hunting and self-protection, but Founders aimed for armed resistance

Too many Americans view the Second Amendment as granting Americans the right to own firearms to go hunting and for self-protection. But the framers of our Constitution had no such intent in mind . James Madison, in Federalist Paper No. 46 wrote that the Constitution preserves “the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation … (where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.” Thomas Jefferson wrote: "What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. " Similar quotations about our founders’ desire for Americans to be armed against the possible abuses of government can be found at

If Americans wouldn’t allow the British to seize their weapons then I certainly hope that they won’t allow their own countrymen to do so.

Dems underestimate how die hard Americans are about the 2A, it might work in other countries but shit will definitely hit the fan if they keep it up, it’s in our blood to fight up to death for our rights

This is because like everything else from race to abortion to melting pot nation of immigrants; when you repeat a mantra long enough and often enough the masses take it for its face value.

This. That’s 100% the intent of the Second Amendment, right there.
It’s a simple and plain as 1,2,3 or a, b, c.


Exactly. The majority of idiots (being poorly educated by our public schools) honestly don’t know it was for the purpose of armed resistance in case of government overreach. All the talk about recreational hunting and a gun by the bed in case of burglary is just silly. That’s not ‘bearing arms’.

An idiotic population that doesn’t even know what it doesn’t know…breeding stupidity is 100% the plan of the system… a passive, clueless, ineffectual and stupid populace is very easily pushed around by the system.

They literally beg to be slaves

Well that would require work…the populace is conditioned to not progress past biological stuff i.e. eat,sleep, cardio-respirate, repeat sheeplike. The system wants increased passiveness.

Americans do not want freedom, sure they want the freedom to choose between an Apple product or Droid product, a Ford or a Chevy, the Cowboys or the Broncos but they don’t want anything beyond that.

They want to be slaves in the essence of “tell me what to think please as far as diversity inclusion and geopolitical world views”. This admittedly is for perseverance and self preservation as to not get in trouble so that they can continue to make the real important choices in life of Apple versus Droid, Cowboys versus Broncos, etc.

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I concur. I was told a long time ago “3 things?! You’re giving people too many choices” They can mostly handle 2 things in any situation. Up or Down. Choice A or Choice B. Coke or Pepsi, Democrat or Republican, On or Off. It’s depressing but you can control the mass of idiots very effectively by aiming ever lower.

We’re seeing the end result, yes.

Most people tend to believe all sorts of BS they are fed constantly from childhood on.

There’s no support anywhere in our founding documents for the 2nd Amendment being about hunting but that’s irrelevant to the Hoplophobes.

That broad brush is so wide you’re completely out of the lines and over the edge.

Change your premise to “Democrats” generally along with a few republicans not really caring and you’d be right.

new here, but in my opinion everyone is to busy seeing it as us against them, rep/dem, ignorant/ informed, armed/sheople… when in reality, we’re all Americans… only some weren’t given the opportunity to grow in an environment that allowed free thought. they were told how to think and act all within a tidy little box. when a child is misled you don’t disregard them, you educate. with patience and care so as not to invoke rejection of truth. Living through example. United we stand right? by keeping us divided, they stand a chance… the media portrays a division that isn’t real… I’m only one of many Californians that is totally opposite of what most people believe it to be… we’re not all ignorant and unarmed… even the girls are ready to lay it down for what’s right.

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Good first post.

However, people are divided as to what is or is not American.

United We Stand has become United My Way or Else,

Welcome to the board :heart:

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The problem is that in order to be educated one has to be open to learning.

Life is not as simple as signified and signal at least that is what the post modernists instilled as one of a stealth tactic to destroy Western values.

true that on all points made. I agree, people do need to be open to learning. brainwashing can confuse perception and dull our instincts. as a majority, there’s discord. it’s commonplace knowledge that politicians lie so there’s already an opening through doubt… a Utopian society is not only unrealistic, but unrewarding without challenges. until recently, my mother, who’s stone set in her ways has always considered me “paranoid”. years ago, when I started leaving the herd, I simply planted the seed of doubt.
eventually she found her own crumb trail to the truth and now she’s more paranoid than me! major issue were having here is the ever growing list of decertified guns that can actually be purchased. if you happen to have one that can be grandfathered in, welcome to the new ammo control. the local range here won’t even sell .22 handguns or ammo anymore. they say it’s considered an assault weapon, which is pretty much all my 75 year old mother can safely use, yet my .40 is still ok?? up next on the anonymous buy back day bring in your daisy red Ryder! ridiculous, but isn’t all gun control… the bad guys aren’t checking the roster to see what’s approved and the government has all our outlawed and seized guns to turn on us. my apologies for the long rant…

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