American warship may sink after an attack

This is what you get for being where you don’t belong. Stop slavish support for Israel.

Remember the Liberty?
Israel tried to sink it and to kill all Americans aboard.
Oh, what a friend America has in the Middle East.

Except that never happened.

The lies you post.

The Shiites in Yemen are attacking American / Israel-bound ships. What part of it don’t you understand?

This is becoming a forum for LEFTIST… I guess the US should ignore tbe Houthis sending missiles to our ally Israel.
The Saudis have done NOTHING to defeat the Houthis . Are they as INCOMPETENT as Russia or waiting for the US to get involved.
If the Houthis want to send missiles into Israel or at US Navy ships , they should pay the price double or triple .

Your picture is fake.

Surely you volunteered, when do you leave???

Western civilization is cruel?
It’s the Joos that run these criminal countries.

What can I do at age 74???

As a non participant, why would you call for escalating an already out of control world?

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It’s the neocons who do the escalating.
As Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercurius point out, the neocons have no reverse gear. Look what they did to Ukraine, among other places.

Why don’t Americans kick them out of DC?

Oh BULLSHIT. Get grip.