American Somali Who was Harrassing Japanese Citizens FA & FO

American (Somali) citizen who was in Japan until being forced to leave (More on that in just a bit) gets the Jordan Neely treatment for harassing high schooler’s on a commuter train in Japan

For context this is what happened previously

Many Japanese commenters on social media labeled this guy who goes by the name “Johnny Somali” as a Racist Livestreamer who was Harassing Japanese citizens previously on the train decided to go after him

A Korean American man from Texas confronted an American livestreamer filming himself harassing train passengers in Tokyo.

Videos of the incident, which involved a content creator known as JohnnySomali, have been widely reshared on various platforms, including Reddit and Twitter.

On his Kick profile, JohnnySomali describes himself as a “Former Child Soldier, Somali Pirate, degen IRL [in real life] streamer. Team FT.” As of this writing, his Kick profile appears to have been taken down.

JohnnySomali also had a Twitch account at one point, but his channel is now “temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

In a viral screen grab of JohnnySomali’s livestream, the content creator can be seen harassing a Japanese man in white by asking him if he knows what Hiroshima and Nagasaki are.

The Japanese man appears to be confused by what the content creator is saying, especially after the latter says, “Why you do this? Pearl Harbor?”

JohnnySomali then films other passengers minding their own business and ignoring his remarks.

“Hiroshima, Nagasaki! You know what we do to you nggas? Hiroshima, Nagasaki, we destroy because you nggas don’t know how to behave,” the livestreamer can be heard saying.

“I swear to God. You do again, we gonna do again. You understand? You understand? Hiroshima? … You n*ggas don’t understand our power,” he continues.

He then turns his attention back to the man in white and says, “Hiroshima, Nagasaki, you know? … We gonna do again.”

As JohnnySomali continues to rant at the man, the latter removes his glasses, says “What?” and moves closer to the livestreamer.
He then asks JohnnySomali where he is from, to which the content creator replies, “America.”

“You’re from America? So am I,” the man in blue says. “You’re being obnoxious.”

“You know what we do to you… We will do again … Hiroshima, Nagasaki,” JohnnySomali tells the man.

“Do you think I’m Japanese?” the latter asks. He then informs JohnnySomali that he is from Texas and is of Korean descent.

“Then stay down, brother,” JohnnySomali replies. “Korean war, you know what happened to you? … You know what we did to you?”
JohnnySomali and the man in blue continue to argue, with the livestreamer eventually saying, “Listen, you know what we did to your country, too. Are you North Korean or South Korean?”

“You’re from America,” the man in blue says. “Why don’t you be a good representation of America? … You don’t make Americans look good doing this sh*t.”

“I don’t give a fck about America,” JohnnySomali replies. “I give a fck about my money. So sit down, motherf*cker.”

“You’re being rude by talking about Hiroshima and whatever. It’s like, that’s such sh*t content,” the Korean American man tells JohnnySomali, who shares that he has 1,000 subscribers at the time of his livestream.

A man in a blue shirt can then be seen approaching JohnnySomali to call him out, saying, “Why don’t you just leave him alone? Leave him alone, man.”

So its easy to se what social media has created and the negative effects that it is having through out the world with content creators like these who are not only creating controversy but at the same time conflict in foreign countries like Japan.

So what happened next you ask?

Johnny Somali got the Jordan Neely treatment until the police arrived putting an end to his live streaming charades.

The Japanese don’t fk around when getting someone to leave their country as you can see in the next video here. Not sure if this is the same guy, ( I don’t think it is) but someone posted it in the same thread to make an example that if Johnny Somali doesn’t behave himself the same thing can and will happen to him by getting the grade A treatment from Japanese immigration before being forcibly removed and put onto a plane back to America.

Fuck around and find out!

No wonder why Americans get a bad rap around the world because asshats like these makes us look bad!

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This is a perfect example of what I was talking about earlier with Smiley but I think I didn’t express my correctly and he took it the wrong way. As a European we do t always see Americans in a positive especially the younger generation when engaging in this type of behavior to get a few clicks on social media!

I think you posted an earlier example in the Clown thread of that guy who is randomly going into people’s houses.

13:20 of this video

This is a better example of people doing anything for likes on the internet.

American depravity in full view.

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That is disgusting! Americans lowered their standards for a few social clicks so it appears.:sneezing_face:

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