American skier competing for China in Beijing Olympics

Eileen Gu is an American born citizen who chose to represent China in this years Winter Olympics. Ms. Gu is 18 years of age and decided to renounce her citizenship in exchange for corporate payoffs in the form of sponsorships and fame. Essentially she grew up in the US, trained at the best facilities to become a World class skier all provided by US resources and thus chose to represent China not the US her country of birth because of money. What does this say about the status of our country today? And should there be a rule that only naturally born citizens can compete for the countries that they are from or are citizens of? This to me seems pretty vacuous and greedy on her part and shows a lack of gratefulness for the country who raised her. I am thoroughly disgusted and only exemplifies what a total sell out looks like!

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Sounds like the Biden family !!!

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Karma justice in a way!

Another American born citizen who gave up her US citizenship to compete and represent China crashes and burns!