American Nightmare in Santa Barbara

Want evidence of the culture war we have been involved in? Look no further. It really is a fight to the death, and liberals are the cancer that seeks to destroy our foundations as a country.


When people ask for examples of the “culture war”, show them this. It is the struggle between those who believe in the foundational ideals of our country and those who show utter contempt for them. Liberals and conservatives should agree that this extremism must be stopped.

Unruly children displaying their puerility.

Who even lets those clowns in? Don’t they have campus security?

It simply shows the lack of respect some have for this country.

The department of education is now the department of indoctrination with the globalist agenda as it’s goal. They’ve taken God out of schools and replaced it with marxism. According to Marx, religion is the opiate of the masses so with reeducation the masses will have faith in the government alone. Patriotism and religion is out.


The problem is marxism was it installed and was the the law of the land in the Soviet Union for 70 years and which was a proven disaster.