American Flags vs Japanese Flags

If you have been awake and noticing things you will have noticed that few American cars have American flags pasted on the back of the cars. But it is the Japanese cars that have the American flags pasted on the back of the cars. Why is this? Are the owners of Japanese cars somehow feel ashamed they bought Japanese cars instead of American cars and are trying to prove that they really are patriotic by pasting Japanese flags on their Jap cars? People who buy Japanese cars are not patriotic Americans, they are patriotic to Japan. Are there any Japanese car owners who have the gusts to put a Japanese flag on the back of their Japanese cars? This would be car truth! The Japanese know that Americans are fools but they don’t know why.

Why are American owners of Japanese cars unpatriotic??? Don’t we have the freedom to buy any car??? I own a Honda Accord Sport, love the car and I’m not unpatriotic.

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Globalization and global trade is good for the world. It provides so much more choices….Japan imports lots of US goods too…

Totally agree. I have Ford, Dodge, Jeep, Toyota and Honda……
Also parts are made all over the world for all vehicles. All they are is assembly plants anymore….

How come Japan and China Latin America, have almost no immigration? They don’t think globalization is good. They don’t let anyone in . They just use Democrats

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Don’t know about Japan, but who would immigrate to any CA.or SA country. Dr Falsehood and the Count of Monte Bluster would immigrate yp Communist China .

Yep , explain that to the 12 year old child working 12 hours a day for 50 an hour . Tell that to all the climate change assholes while you are at it asswipe !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Chinese Women Workers Make 4 Cents for Producing $45 Disney Dolls (

Maybe Monty wants us to do the same :thinking:

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You say that you are not unpatriotic, but when you buy a Japanese car are you supporting the United States or Japan? It is not hard to figure out. I am not saying that Japanese cars are bad cars, quite to the contrary, they are very good cars, but that is no excuse to buy them when our country is crumbling down and in Japan everything is new, and the reason everything is new is because we send the money!
Yes of course you have the freedom to buy any car, that is the problem, you also have the freedom to buy American but you don’t. I would never buy a Japanese car.

If you’re going to view things like that then patriotism disappeared long ago. While you were busy with other things, globalization took off in force, most anything you purchase is liable to have been made elsewhere, grown elsewhere or mined elsewhere. Even the good ole Chevrolet that makes your patriotic heart pound when you drive down the road is full of components manufactured around the world…

But it’s ok Radical, there’s a host of other issues to worry about that are much more important….

And America is crumbling… meanwhile countries that are nationalist Japan China Poland hungry are all doing very well.

And the only parts of America that are doing well have no refugees and are usually all white. Sorry


Yes, you are right, montecresto, and there are other things to worry about, like when God said if you do not do my will I will send the worst of the heathen upon you, and it is happening. Goodbye America, you will never see 2050.

Yes well….what nation does gods will?

You spelled God wrong.

So you’re not American???
Anyway, the prediction is silly….