America When Feminized

Read every word of this. It predicted everything and is hands-down the most accurate piece of anti-feminist political literature in existence.

What’s interesting is that this was put together by the Southern Woman’s League for the Rejection of the Susan B. Anthony Amendment.

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Years ago I remember listening to Michael Savage and he said in one of his rants that tight blue jeans were a factor in the feminization of the American male. What a tool.

What does that have anything to do with the OP?

Also - yes, skinny jeans on a man is peak ■■■■■■■■■ Michael Savage is correct.


Women hate civilization, because it restrains normal human instinctual behavior (what betas call “■■■■■■ behavior” and what our ancestors call “savagery”). MEN (especially beta men) are trying to keep the current system together, because they fear what other men will do to them if it all collapses.

Civilization is killing the white race, right now. Sedentary lifestyles, low testosterone rates, the ability to deliberately prevent pregnancy, easy transport from the Third World and modern economic and social systems are making the West fatally effeminate and impotent.

Women (and blacks too, now that I think about it) hate and despise civilization because it’s anti-human. They hate institutional power of any kind, they only recognize and respect individual power that individuals hold. The charismatic man. The man who speaks well, who has a strong, powerful body. That’s what they want and can respect.

They hate and fear the thin, pencil-necked scientist, as men hated and feared the sorcerer and magician of old. We don’t need to know much of anything. Knowing about how nature works, how celestial bodies you can’t even see with the naked eye look, what’s inside the human body, none of this is really worth knowing for them.


Voting doesnt matter. Every politician you can vote for has been SELECTED before they get ELECTED. Voting doesnt matter, so it doesn’t matter if women or men vote. The entire system is rigged.

Women’s suffrage is a symptom not the cause of our problems. The reason it passed was because America had already lost its republican roots and was becoming a nation of wage-slaves in a mass-production capitalist system where there is no good reason for excluding women from voting.


OMG dude! Can your ignorance be anymore apparent? You are taking what Michael Savage said and cherry picking his statement! Let me explain to tools like you!

Men wearing tight blue jeans leads to Low fertility rates! Men’s balls need to breath, wearing tight clothing contributes to Low sperm count, wearing loser clothing leads to higher fertility rates!

Michael Savage is right!! The emasculation of men is an intended strategy, particularly targeting while males in western societies through media indoctrination! You should know you are one of them while burping up your soy milk living in the UK!

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That’s pretty much what the flyer in the OP said but Cheeseboy never read it.

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Not surprising he is from the Uk where this sort of thing has devastated his culture to the point most males have gone full cuckafied and become pussies! England and Germany are primary examples of people losing their cultural identities due to this sort of nonsense!


Your fucking insane if you think there is some strategy by the makes of jeans to emasculate the American male.

And what a surprise to find out your a fan of Mr. Weiner.

Wonder when he will be suing the then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith?

Btw I live in the US.

Yeah sure you do! (Sarcasm) You already have been caught in lies, contradictions and suffering from TDS syndrome so you can basically say anything or be anything on the internet!

Also tight jeans that restrict a males testicles has already been proven to contribute to Low sperm count so spare me your stupid ignorant outrage you only look more dumber than you already are for doing so! Google is your Friend!

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