America Last Dan Crenshaw says Republicans are the party of Uber

This is some goofy Von Mises talking point that no normal person gives a shit about, certainly not in Texas. Dan Crenshaw is what cancer would look like in human form.

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Well, he aint lyin.

Nope. My country is not a service.

Any politician that believes my country is nothing more that an Open Air Market to be used as the entire world sees fit is a traitor.

He’s the next Nikki Haley and Kelly Ayotte. He campaigns in being some conservative stalwart that turns out to be a backstabber.

Dan Crenshaw is a turncoat globalist who uses his military service to play the conservative card. He’s not a conservative at all.

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Yea this is why taxis have been at the forefront of having foreign, non-English speaking drivers - just like Dems with immigration policy.

I think it’s obvious by now but always worth repeating:

  • Dems want non-white foreigners for votes in order to control
  • Reps want non-white foreigners for cheap labor in order to control.

The USA is now officially known as:

The Economic Zone Formerly Known As America